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Mice and computer controls

This section includes equipment to provide alternative methods of controlling computer actions. They are suitable for use by adults, children or both.

Controls operated by head movement. Head-operated mouse controllers use slight head movements to move the pointer across the screen or to select buttons on a keyboard. This is usually done using a reflective dot placed on your forehead, a laser pointer or wearing a cap or a pair of glasses. A switch might be used with the head-operated mouse to give the equivalent of a mouse click, or alternatively software can be programmed to simulate a mouse click when the pointer stops moving. Eye-operated systems have a built-in camera that detects where your eyes are looking, so you can highlight something on the screen simply by looking at it. To select the area you look at the object for a specified length of time, or blink or press a switch to select the cell you are looking at. 

Controls operated by hand movement or touch sensitive panels. Touch sensitive panels or pads are a mouse alternative and can be placed on your desk or held in your hand. The pointer is moved across the screen by sliding your finger across the surface of the panel or pad. Clicking is done using buttons or by tapping lightly on the surface of the pad. They are suitable for people who have very limited hand movement but still have accurate control.  

Mice, trackballs or joysticks with features that may increase ease of use, for example chunky controls, visual and tactile feedback. Standard computer mice come in all shapes and sizes, but are similar in that they need to be rolled around your desk and held in one position while the button is pressed. Doing so can pose problems for people with disabilities (perhaps because of tremor or reduced dexterity). Trackballs are basically upturned mice, so rather than rolling the mouse you keep it static and roll the ball on top using your fingers, thumbs, palms or even your feet. When you have the pointer where you want it, you don't need to grip the ball while you click the button. Joysticks work similarly to wheelchair controls - the mouse pointer will move fastest when the joystick is pushed fully forward. 

Head/chin pointers are worn on your head and have an extending piece that allow you to reach and engage with the keyboard using your head. They are designed to enable close proximity to the keyboard and to not interrupt your field of vision. They come in different sizes and are adjustable for your comfort.  

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Cosmo Switch
The Cosmo Switch is a unique Bluetooth switch interface for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. It is highly responsive, making it very easy to act...
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Feathertail is a wearable ergonomic mouse.
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CTS KidTRACK Trackball
Three-button trackball. Comprises: low profile case that can be used as a hand rest; three colour coded switch jacks for switch operation of the left ...
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Bjoy Click
Switch adaptor to control mouse actions. Comprises: four switch inputs to control the movement of the pointer and two inputs to trigger clicks; option...
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Applicator For Ipad Wireless Switch Adapter
Wireless adaptor to allow use of manufacturer's switches, joystick and keyboards with an iPad, iPod and iPhone. Comprises: built-in display to select ...
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Amaneo Assistive Mouse Adapter
Assistive mouse adapter. Comprises: designed to help people with a hand tremor to use a mouse; designed to work with any mouse or operating system; ad...
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Usb Hand Control
'V' shaped hand control. Comprises: thermoplastic case; emulates single or multiple keyboard functions, 1-3 buttons; contact configuration normally o...
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Light touch light rollerball or joystick. Comprises: switchable left and right click buttons; double-click and latching drag-lock buttons; X-Y axis lo...
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Slimline Joystick
Slimline joystick. Comprises: four cursor speed settings; two touch sensitive buttons, can be programmed to be left or right click, double click or dr...
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Thumb Mouse
Windows, Mac OS and Linux compatible handheld joystick which allows user to operate computer mouse functions by use of thumb or fingers. Comprises: de...
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Lipstick Mouse Controller
Mouth operated mouse. Mount not included. Comprises: mouth piece force stick; designed to control all mouse functions with the mouth; closed tip with ...
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Integra Mouse Plus
Computer mouse controlled by lip movements and sip and puff clicking. Comprises: controls the range of mouse clicks (left click, right click, double c...
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Headmouse Nano Head Controlled Mouse
Wireless head controlled mouse. Designed for people who cannot use or have limited use of their hands. Comprises: uses a wireless optical sensor and a...
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Bjoy Joystick
Joystick mouse with configuration options. Comprises: four big buttons; keyguard for the buttons, customisable covers and and labels for the buttons; ...
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Bj Chin
Small joystick with mounting options designed for use with the chin. Comprises: left and right click buttons can be separately customised; options to ...
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Trackerpro 2 Hands-free Mouse Controller
Hands-free mouse controller. Designed to provide hands-free mouse control for individuals who are unable to use a traditional computer mouse. Uses sta...
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Swifty USB Switch Interface
USB switch interface. Designed to output mouse clicks, joystick buttons or keyboard functions. Comprises: can directly connect up to two adaptive swit...
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Smartnav Pro 4 With The Grid 2 Software And Mount
Hands-free, head operated computer mouse available in EG, AT, and Pro versions, all compatible with Microsoft Windows. Comprises: Consists of an infra...
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Sip-puff Breeze Switch With Gooseneck
Sip and puff switch with computer interface and gooseneck mount. Comprises: sip or puff converted into mouse button clicks, joystick button presses, o...
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Simplyworks For Ipad Wireless Switch Access
Wireless adaptor to allow use of manufacturer's switches, joystick and keyboards with an iPad. Comprises: forward and backward scanning; on-screen key...
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Quha Zono Mouse
Mouse cursor designed to move with physical movement from the user. Comprises: plugs in between the computer and the mouse; attaches to the users h...
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Portset Freerider Bluetooth 4 Switch Hid Interface Device
Four input switch unit that converts up to four switch inputs to Bluetooth wireless connection with the computer. Comprises: unique pairing with an en...
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Point It Pc Joystick
USB joystick. Comprises: proportional control of all mouse movements; left click, double click, right click, drag and drop latching; external switch j...
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Pceye Mini Access Eye Tracker
Eye tracker. Comprises: powered by a single USB connection; portable; intended to work with any Windows based device, designed to allow the user to ac...
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Need More Help?

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