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Personal care equipment

This section includes equipment to assist with personal care activities such as washing, shaving and applying make-up.

Long handled washing aids can be used for washing your feet, back or other hard to reach areas, such as between your toes. Some aids have retractable handles which make them easier to transport. In addition, some have enlarged handles, others have replacement heads or options for shorter or curved handles.

Hand and foot care equipment assists with nail care and washing feet. Some are long handled, making it easier to access the feet. Other aids provide stability, for example suction feet make it easier for one-handed use or is useful for a person with reduced hand grip.

Shaving equipment includes enlarged handles to make a shaver/razor easier to hold. These can be slipped over the handle. Also included is equipment that improves a person’s ability to grip an item by stabilising the hand.

Dental care equipment includes aids that stabilise a toothbrush or toothpaste making it easier to use - especially for one-handed use. Some aids will enlarge the handle of a toothbrush making it easier to hold.

Body dryers dry your body after bathing.

Hair dryers and holders that assist with drying hair as well as holders for the hairdryer.

Hair washing equipment enables you to have your hair washed, with your head backwards over a sink or while lying in bed. Also included are long handled aids, caps and shampoos to help with washing your hair.

Hairbrushes, and combs are long handled to extend reach. Also included are accessories to assist with hair care.

Small personal care aids have features that may assist users with low vision. Included are tweezers and nail clippers with attached magnifiers and magnifiers for attaching to mirrors.

Toiletry, cosmetic and jewellery applicators facilitate the application of cosmetics, lotions, hair dressings and jewellery. Some are long-handled which makes it easier to reach the feet or back to apply lotion. Other items make fine activities like using tweezers easier. Some of the products may assist blind or partially-sighted users through increased magnification.

1-Up Hair Tie
Hair tie which offers two methods for creating a pony tail for users who have restricted upper limb function. The tie can also be used as a headband. ...
Apres Air Body Dryer
Wall-mounted body dryer designed to be mounted in the corner of a shower unit. Comprises: ABS plastic sealed power unit above vertical shaft with air ...
Apres Body Dryer
Wall-mounted body dryer designed to be mounted in the corner of a shower unit. Comprises: sealed power unit above vertical panel with air vents; two s...
Atlantis Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Ring
Inflatable basin designed for washing hair. Comprises: double-tube designed to prevent water from splashing; cut-out in upper tube for head positionin...
Atlantis Deluxe Lotion Applicator
Lotion applicator. Comprises: long handle; rotating balls; lotion is added by removing the top of the applicator; applicator can be cleaned.
Backbliss Lotion & Cream Applicator
Ergonomic long handled plastic lotion applicator with washable replaceable pad.
Bath Mat With Foot Cleaner
Bath mat with integral foot cleaner. Comprises: suction cups to secure position; bubbled textured surface; nylon brush area.
Bath Sponge
Long handled bath sponge. Comprises: angled plastic handle; sponge; hole for attachment to a hook.
Chiropodist Toe Nail Scissors
Long handled nail scissors suitable for cutting toenails. Comprises: stainless steel blade with serrated edge; angled cutting head; extended shank; lo...
Chiropody Scissors
Nail scissors with long handles. Comprise: stainless steel, angled blades with serrated edges; moulded plastic handles.
Comfi-grip Exfoliator Sponge
Long handled synthetic loofah for exfoliating.
Comfi-grip Foot Clean
Long-handled toe and foot cleaner designed to assist with reaching and washing feet. Comprises: sponge shaped for cleaning between the toes; handle ca...
Comfort Cape Hair Washing Tray
Hair washing tray. Comprises: flexible material which conforms to a variety of chair and basin shapes; neck strap with adjustable buckle; hook and loo...
Curved Bath Brush
Long handled bath brush. Comprises: curved handle with ergonomic, slip-resistant grip; hanging loop; brush head.
Double Sided Flannel Strap
Long flannel with towelling on one side and foam on the other and ring handles at each end to enhance grip.
Easi-Grip Long Reach Toe Nail Cutter
Long reach toe nail cutter. Designed to reduce the need for bending and strain on wrist. Comprises: stainless steel blade; blade is also slightly serr...
Easy Reach Lotion Applicator
Lotion and cream applicator. Comprises: long plastic handle; detachable top; rotating balls; dishwasher safe.
Economy Portable Hair Washing Tray
Hair washing tray for sink. Comprises: lightweight plastic tray; user sits backwards against sink and rests neck against device; attaches with a hook ...


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