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Bibs and aprons

This section includes coverings to protect clothing. they are suitable for adults, children or both.

Coverings include:


Assistive features include:

Washable coverings often have a cloth outer layer with a PVC or waterproof backing, which may help prevent liquids soaking through to your clothes
Troughs or pockets that can catch dropped food so that it doesn't fall onto the floor.
Velcro or popper fastenings may make putting on and removing the covering easier
Wider neck to assist with putting on and removing the covering
Fire-resistance may provide protection against dropped ash if you smoke
Disposable coverings may be useful if you are unable to wash reusable coverings regularly.

Adult Apron
Comprises: outer layer of cotton drill; inner towelling layer; waterproof PVC backing. Options: bamboo towelling version. Range of colours.
Adult Dining Bibs
Dining bib. Comprises: cotton-feel absorbent top layer; waterproof backing; hook and loop fastening at the back of the neck; machine washable.
Adult Dribble Bib
Adult dribble bib. Comprises: cotton absorbent towelling; stain resistant; waterproof nylon backing; adjusts to fit a range of neck sizes; machine was...
Adult Neckerchiefs
Adult's bandana bibs/neckerchiefs. Comprises: Upper side is 100% cotton, backed with fleece; Allows air to pass through; Adjustable fastening. Options...
Back Opening Clothing Protector Bib
Back opening clothing protector bib. Comprises: cotton absorbent towelling; waterproof nylon backing; designed to be stain resistant; can be adjusted ...
Bibetta Feeding And Weaning Ultrabib
Children's bib. Comprises: Neoprene body; fold out pocket to catch spills; secured at the back by an adjustable Velcro strap; machine washable and sui...
Bibetta Super Soft Dribble Bibs
Dribble bib. Comprises: absorbent micro-fibre fabric with waterproof backing; machine washable, tumble drier safe. Options: range of colours.
Bibetta Weaning Ultrabib With Sleeves
Children's bib. Comprises: Neoprene body; nylon arms with elasticated cuffs; fold out pocket to catch spills; secured at the back by an adjustable Vel...
Bibette Ultra Disposable Bibs
Disposable bibs. Comprises: poly backed, tissue fronted bibs; size large; tie straps; catch pocket on front.
Bioprene Adult Bibs
Washable Neoprene bib with anti-microbial properties. Comprises: rubber inner layer; nylon outer layer; fold out bib trough if required. Machine washa...
Blackwatch Heavy Duty Adult Bib
Adult bib. Comprises: secures with poppers; absorbent cotton surface; PVC under layer; crumb catcher; machine washable.
Care Designs Cross Scarf Style Protector
Cross scarf style protector. Comprises: hook and loop front fastening; absorbent middle layer; waterproof back layer; designed to wick away moisture, ...
Care Designs Neckerchief Style Clothes Protector
Neckerchiefs bib. Comprises: absorbent front fabric wicks away moisture helping to keep skin dry; middle absorbent layer and waterproof back layer; ma...
Care Designs Pashmina Scarf Style Clothes Protector
Clothes protector designed in a pashmina style. Comprises: fabric front with an absorbent middle layer and waterproof back layer; fastens at the back ...
Catchkin Napkin Bib
Napkin style bib with waterproof backing and tie neck. Range of decorative patterns available.
Charles & Victoria Apron Bib Dining Tops
Dining apron. Comprises: cotton with fleece backing; front pocket; Velcro attachment around the neck and hand ties around the waist. Options: range of...
Classic Kerchiefs
Cotton or towelling neckerchiefs designed for adults and children. Comprises: a range of colours and designs backed with a waterproof breathable mater...
Clothing Protectors
Adults bibs with a waterproof backing. Choice of towelling or brushed cotton front with tartan outer.


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