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Bibs and aprons

This section includes coverings to protect clothing. they are suitable for adults, children or both.

Coverings include: bibs, aprons; neckerchiefs; coveralls.

Assistive features include:

Washable coverings often have a cloth outer layer with a PVC or waterproof backing, which may help prevent liquids soaking through to your clothes
Troughs or pockets that can catch dropped food so that it doesn't fall onto the floor.
Velcro or popper fastenings may make putting on and removing the covering easier
Wider neck to assist with putting on and removing the covering
Fire-resistance may provide protection against dropped ash if you smoke
Disposable coverings may be useful if you are unable to wash reusable coverings regularly.

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Crumb Catcher Apron
Apron suitable for adults and children. Comprises: waterproof polyester material; longer length front; wide shouldered; crumb catcher situated at wais...
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Smoker's Fire Retardant Apron
Fire retardant smoker's apron with a pocket to hold cigarettes and matches. Designed for wheelchair users. One size.
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Care Designs Pashmina Scarf Style Clothes Protector
Clothes protector designed in a pashmina style. Comprises: fabric front with an absorbent middle layer and waterproof back layer; fastens at the back ...
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Care Designs Neckerchief Style Clothes Protector
Neckerchiefs bib. Comprises: absorbent front fabric wicks away moisture helping to keep skin dry; middle absorbent layer and waterproof back layer; ma...
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Bibetta Weaning Ultrabib With Sleeves
Children's bib. Comprises: Neoprene body; nylon arms with elasticated cuffs; fold out pocket to catch spills; secured at the back by an adjustable Vel...
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Bibetta Feeding And Weaning Ultrabib
Children's bib. Comprises: Neoprene body; fold out pocket to catch spills; secured at the back by an adjustable Velcro strap; machine washable and sui...
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Homecraft Economy Bibs
Adult clothes protector. Comprises: cotton material; waterproof backing. Incorporates crumb catcher formed by securing popper fasteners at bottom of b...
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Adult Dining Bibs
Dining bib. Comprises: cotton-feel absorbent top layer; waterproof backing; hook and loop fastening at the back of the neck; machine washable.
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Youth Dribble Bib
Dribble bib. Comprises: towelling cotton; waterproof nylon backing; stain resistant material; adjustable neck sizes; machine washable. Options: range ...
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Washable Clothing Protector
Clothing protector. Comprises: press-stud fastening at neck; absorbent top layer; waterproof, double layered polycotton backing; stain and liquid resi...
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Tee-shirt Bib Waterproof
Bib for adults designed to be worn under conventional tops, blouses and shirts. Comprises: outer cotton layer; middle waterproof layer and inner cotto...
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Super Sized Clothing Protector Bib
Clothing protector bib. Comprises: adjustable; cotton absorbent towelling; stain resistant material; machine washable; can be tumble dried. Options: r...
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Smoking Apron
Fire retardant smoking apron. Comprises: designed to cover user's knees and chair arms; shields against hot ashes and dropped cigarettes; made from tr...
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Smokers Protective Cover
Flame-resistant coverall for smokers. Bodice fits around user's neck. Comprises: large lap cover which can be attached to the chair, or side of bed by...
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Side Fasten Kerchief
Side fastening bandana shaped bibs. Comprises: waterproof breathable backing; cotton front; button fastening. Options: bamboo towelling version; avail...
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Protective Smocks
Polyurethane proofed nylon smocks and aprons with or without sleeves. Comprises: touch and close back fastenings. Sleeved model comprises elasticated ...
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Polyester-cotton Tabards
Children's polycotton tabard style apron. Comprises: tie fastenings at the waist. Range of colours available.
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Overall. Comprises: bat wing sleeve design; Velcro fastened cuffs. Made of microfibre or PVC material. Suitable for adults and children.
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Range of bibs and neckerchiefs. Comprises: reversible, design on both sides; attached teether at the bottom; three layers of fabric; made from cotton....
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Napkleen Disposable Clothing Protectors
Absorbent disposable clothing protector with self-adhesive, leak proof backing and integral pouch which can be turned inside out during use in order t...
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Napkin Style Clothing Protectors
Neckerchief style clothing protectors. Comprises: diamond shaped protector; polyester front; waterproof backing; press stud fastenings at the back of ...
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Luxury Clothing Protectors
Bibs in range of designs with absorbent impermeable barrier fastened by Velcro or popper. Can be boil washed. Deluxe version comprises polyester and v...
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Large Adult Bibs
Clothing protector. Comprises: brushed poly viscose top layer; rubberised waterproof backing; two stud fastenings at neck to accommodate different nec...
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Ladies Waterproof Tee Shirt
Ladies waterproof t-shirt. Comprises: waterproof panel at the front to stop dampness reaching the skin; inner cotton layer covers the waterproof layer...
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