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Pill crushers, splitters and removers

This section includes devices to assist with crushing or splitting tablets, or removing them from their packaging.

Pill crushers and splitters enable you to crush and/or split tablets. Most of these are small and portable and include a product with a magnifier if you have poor sight. Some include storage for tablets but generally may be used in combination with other pill management techniques or products. They include products that are dishwasher proof.

Pill removers are plastic devices which aid the dispensing of pills and tablets from foil blister packs.  Products which help open medication bottle lids are also included.

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Pivotell Pill Crusher
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Pivotell Pill Splitter
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Tablet Crusher
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Weekly Pill Dispenser
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Tablet Splitter
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3-in-1 Pill Splitter
Pill splitter and crusher. Comprises: storage compartment; cutting area with raised sides and stainless steel cutting blade; lower compartment uses sc...
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Pill Crusher & Dispenser
Pill crusher and dispenser. Comprises: upper cylinder for use as drinking cup or storage compartment; lower compartment with two grinding surfaces; sn...
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Poppet Pill Remover
Device for removing pills from blister packs. Comprises: metal; handle; pill collection area; protruding area.
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Sabi Pill Crusher with Pill Box
Pill crusher. Comprises: pill crusher which also doubles as a pill box; crushes pills into powder with one twist; BPA free; hand washable.
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Universal Pill Cutter
Pill cutter. Comprises: table-top device; retractable steel blade; can be used to split 18 differently sized and shaped pills; pill is placed in devic...
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Ultra Pill Splitter
Pill splitter. Comprises: designed to cut pills in half; V-shaped pill gripper; ergonomic contoured design; finger grooves; blade guard; optical grade...
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Ultra Pill Crusher
Pill crusher. Comprises: ergonomic triangle shape; designed for those who have a weaker grip or arthritis; crushes pills down into powder form; pill s...
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Travel Flask With Pill Cutter And Compartments
Travel flask with pill cutter and compartments. Comprises: four separate pill compartments housed in the lid; pill splitter and crushing sections are...
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TabTime 3 in 1 Pill Splitter Grinder And Storer
Pill cutter and grinder. Comprises: cylindrical pill storage container; central transparent chamber; two end compartments; hinged lid; integral surgic...
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Tablet Splitter And Pill Crusher
Pill splitter. Comprises: plastic container with small blade in one lid; compartment for pill in other lid; as the top lid is closed, blade splits tab...
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Tablet- Pill Remover
Pill puncher for removing pills from blister packs. Comprises: plastic unit; lid and punch facility.
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Poppet Pill Popper-Remover
Device for removing pills from foil packaging. Comprises: the device's handle is pushed down against a pill in its foil packaging to push the pill int...
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Pivotell Pill Popper Tablet Blister Gun
Pill popper. Designed to help push pills out of blister packs. Comprises: ergonomic design; opening can be adjusted depending on tablet side; removabl...
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Device to assist in removal of pills from blister packs.
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Pillpress Pill Remover
Device for removal of pills from foil blister packaging. Integral well captures the pill when pushed through the foil pack.
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Pillmate Pillcutter
Pill cutter. Aids cutting of pills in half.
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Pillmate Pill Crushers
Devices to crush, or cut and crush pills. Both have integral pill storage compartments.
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Pill Storage Box with Cutter
Pill cutter. Comprises: two divided compartments; blade; two coloured units, one for full tablets and one for cut tablets. Some models have one compar...
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Pill Splitter
Device for splitting tablets into half doses. Comprises: box; hinged lid; steel blade; lower compartment is moulded to accept pill in correct position...
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Need More Help?

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