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Platform weighing scales

This section includes weighing scales with a platform. Some are designed to accommodate the size and weight of a heavier user,

Bathroom scales with specific features to enhance ease of use such as speech output or a large clear display.

Standing scales require the user to stand on the platform to measure their weight. They often have support rails for the user to hold onto.

Bed scales weigh the user while they are in bed. The bed is positioned on the scales and the weight of the user is then taken.

Wheelchair scales include two main types - one where the wheelchair goes onto the stand, and the other type which are weigh beams. Many of these products are portable and have high weight limits. The ability to measure a person's body mass index (BMI) function is a feature available on several of these scales.

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4 Pad Bed Scales
Bed scale. Comprises: four weigh pads with floor level in-built ramps.
Beurer Gs39 Glass Talking Scale
Bathroom scale with audible talking readout. Comprises: adjustable volume; LCD illuminated display; four direct memory buttons for retrieval of last-r...
Detecto Wheelchair Scale
Portable scale for wheelchair, standing users or those in straight-legged chairs. Comprises: platform; two wheels; detachable slip-resistant mat; post...
Digital Adult-toddler-baby Scale With Handrails And Bmi
Digital adult/toddler/baby scale with handrails and BMI measure. Comprises: baby bowl lifts off to allow toddlers to sit and adults to stand to be wei...
Kern Mwa Bariatric Wheelchair Scale
Bariatric wheelchair scale. Comprises: steel weighing plate with non-slip and water resistant surface; height adjustable rubber feet; low platform hei...
Kern MWS Bariatric Scale
Bariatric scale. Comprises: steel weighing plate with non-slip surface; low platform height; integrated access ramps; height adjustable rubber feet; h...
Magnified Display Mechanical Bathroom Scales
Bathroom mechanical weigh scale with plastic platform and magnified display.
Marsden Column Scale With Bluetooth
Column scale. Comprises: digital or manual height measures; digital display; optional printer; bluetooth that can transmit information to local datab...
Marsden Column Scale With Integrated Height Measure
Standing weighing scale with integrated height measure. Comprises: increased-size platform, bariatric capacity; Body Mass Index function; fitted with ...
Marsden High Capacity Column Scale with Integrated Height Measure and Bluetooth
Standing weighing scale designed for bariatric users. Comprises: integrated height measure; non slip standing platform; bluetooth connectivity; adapto...
Marsden High Capacity Scale With Handrails
Bariatric standing weighing scales with BMI measure. Comprises: scale with handrails; enlarged platform; two wheels to aid moving; Body Mass Index fun...
Marsden M420 Digital Portable Floor Scale
Bathroom style scale. Comprises: slip-resistant surface; large LCD screen; BMI function; Hold function; Class 3 approved; graduations of 50g up to 100...
Marsden M425 Portable Floor Scale
Portable floor scale with remote display. Comprises: weight hold; BMI functions. Options: carry case.
Marsden M640 Bariatric Scale
Wheelchair scales. Comprises: mains powered or battery operated; two wheels; ramped metal platform; tubular handrails; swivel digital display unit; ma...
Marsden M700 Baby Toddler And Adult Scale
Weight scale designed for users of all ages. Comprises: removable baby tray at top of the scale for infants to be weighed in lying; seat for user to b...
Marsden M900 Bed Weigher
Bed weigher. Comprises: portable scale with wheels and handles; designed for use with patients who are unable to get out of bed; to weigh the bed is r...
Marsden Portable Floor Scale
Portable scale for bariatric use. Comprises: aluminium casings; internal rechargeable battery pack; optional mains operation; BMI readings.
Marsden Portable Floor Scale
Bathroom scale designed for bariatric use. Comprises: portable; rechargeable battery. Options: bluetooth connectivity. Accessories: carry case.
Marsden Portable Floor Scale With Bluetooth
Floor scale with bluetooth. Comprises: portable; bluetooth; digital display.
Marsden Portable Wheelchair Weigh Beams
Two portable channelling ramps with weighing scale. Comprises: aluminium alloy ramped beams; BMI function; auto and digital tare entry; automatic hold...
Marsden Portable Wheelchair Weigh Beams With Bluetooth
Weighing scales designed for weighing users in wheelchairs, compatible with bariatric care needs. Comprises: weighing scales placed within portable be...
Marsden Professional Column Scale
Column weight scale. Comprises: can give BMI readings; non-slip standing surface; four feet; rechargeable battery. Options: available with Bluetooth c...
Marsden Professional Wheelchair Scale
Foldable weighing scales for wheelchair users. Comprises: aluminium ramped base with wheels for transportation; BMI and digital Tare; upright frame fo...
Marsden Professional Wheelchair Scales
Wheelchair scales. Comprises: low profile white base; designed for use with most wheelchairs; numeric keypad; BMI calculation; tare/preset tare; auto ...


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