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Bubble tubes and panels

This section includes bubble tubes and panels designed to encourage visual stimulation.

Bubble tubes are usually freestanding or are part of a flooring set.

Bubble panels are usually wall mounted.

Some equipment may be used standalone, some may be integrated into existing multisensory environments. Many can be operated by switches enabling the individual to have control over the visual stimulation they receive.

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Bubble Columns
Range of bubble columns. Comprises: switch adapted for bubble control (switch not included). Options: active columns with controllable bubbles, cycles...
Bubble Timer Set
Sensory liquid flask, designed for visual stimulation. Comprises: one bubble flask that creates bubbles when flipped up side down. Options: available ...
Bubble Tubes
Range of bubble tubes and accessories for use in a sensory room. Comprises: standard bubble tubes; four sizes; moving colour. Options include: coloure...
Bubble Tubes
Bubble tubes. Comprises: acrylic bubble tube water feature; stainless steel base; six bubble jets; colour changing LED light; bubbles rise from base; ...
Bubble Tubes
Range of bubble tubes including passive and interactive models. Passive models fade through a series of colours; interactive models allow control of c...
Bubble Walls
Bubble wall panel. Comprises: water feature; bubbles are lit by LED lights; LED light colours can be changed; programmable remote control; includes 15...
Bubbling Low Table
Bubbling low table. Comprises: table with rounded corners; colour changing lights; colours change automatically or can be set to a specific colour.
Colour Changing Bubble Wall Hung Portrait
Colour changing bubble wall hung portrait. Comprises: colour changing LED lights; variety of colours and speeds can be set using the remote control; f...
Colour Column And 8 Way Wireless Switch
Colour column designed to create a rainbow, vertical or horizontal flashes of colour. Comprises: no bubbles; one and a half meters tall column; fros...
Colour Creation Sensory Tube
Sensory tube. Comprises: eight different colours; 13 lighting modes. Options: passive tube or interactive tube with a wireless switch box or light up ...
Fiesta Tube
Tube is similar in style to a bubble tube but without the water. Comprises colour change light source situated at the base of the tube, and wireless r...
Interactive Bubble Wall Panel
Interactive wall panel. Flat wall panel. Comprises: flat wall panel; water-filled from six base outlets; rapid rising bubbles; LED light strips creati...
Led Light Lustre Tube
LED tube designed for visual stimulation. Options: two lengths; passive colour changing without a switch box, interactive colour changing with wirele...
Liquid Timers
Sensory liquid set, designed for visual stimulation. Comprises: a set of three bubble flasks. Options: available in different colours.
Mini Interactive Bubble Tube With Roll Bag
Compact bubble tube with storage bag. Colour and movement can be switch controlled.
Passive+ Bubble Dome
Range of bubble domes. Comprises: acrylic dome with bubbles and beads circulating and coloured LEDs. Range includes: passive dome; remote control; and...
Passive+ Bubble Screens
Range of bubble screens with a range of levels of interactive capabilities. Range includes a passive screen requiring no interaction with a constantly...
Rompa Bubble Tubes
Range of bubble tubes. Options include: interactive switch box control; wireless Wi Fi control; two pumps for extra bubbles; illuminated column; set o...
Rompa Waterless Rainbow Tube
Waterless rainbow tube. Comprises: opaque tube; 20 different light effects; adjustable speed; remote control.
Sensory Bubble Tubes
Sensory bubble tubes. Comprises: colour changing tubes; square plastic base. Options: padded floor surrounds; sensory padded base; bean bag style donu...
Sensory Dual Colour Liquid Set
Liquid filled sensory tubes. Comprises: three coloured S-shaped tubes with coloured liquid; liquid cascades from top to bottom.
Sensory Jump Bean Set
Set of four liquid timers designed for sensory stimulation. Comprises: when a timer is turned upside down it releases colourful droplets that tumble a...
Sensory Liquid Variety Set
Set of 21 silent timers designed for sensory stimulation. Comprises: set of four large sensory bubble flasks; set of four small sensory bubble flasks;...
Sensory Rainbow Cascade Toy
Sensory rainbow cascade. Comprises: six sensory liquid towers; each tower contains two streams of coloured liquid which cascades down in droplets as v...


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