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Portable equipment

This section includes portable multisensory equipment which is designed to promote relaxation, stimulation, enjoyment and exploration. It can also provide a learning environment for children with disabilities.

Simple switch operation is available for most of the individual pieces of multisensory equipment, e.g. bubble tubes and fibre optic lights. This allows the individual to alter the environment to suit their taste or mood and to have individual control over the sensations they receive.

Sensory kits include a range of equipment designed to create a sensory space.

Sensory trolleys provide storage for sensory equipment.

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Sensory Shell Chair
Sensory chair. Comprises: chair can be rocked by the occupant, or by someone else using the rear handle; stand for when you want the chair to stay sti...
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VacuAide QSU Suction Machine
VacuAide QSU Suction Machine The VacuAide QSU Suction Machine is an ideal emergency stand-by portable machine designed to perform effective airways su...
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Vacuaide Portable Suction Machine - Carry Case
Vacuaide Portable Suction Machine - Carry Case Designed for use with the Vacuaide Portable Suction Machine, this superb Carry Case will make use on th...
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Vacuaide Portable Suction Machine
Vacuaide Portable Suction Machine The Vacuaide Portable Suction Machine is an ideal emergency stand-by portable machine, particularly useful for peopl...
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Mse App Control Receiver
App control receiver. Comprises: can be used on an iPad or iPhone; control panel with buttons which control the equipment; buttons choose which equip...
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Wi Fi Microphone
WiFi microphone. Comprises: designed to be used with multi-sensory equipment; the intensity of a colour changes when a sound is made into the micropho...
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Sensory Bags
Bag containing selection of manufacturer's sensory toys, available in two different versions. Comprises: toys in a variety of colours or toys with int...
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SWiRL Sensory Toolbox
Pack containing a range of products designed to encourage sensory stimulation, including tactile and brightly coloured toys.
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Stretch And Glow Wavy Spaghetti
Stretch and glow wavy spaghetti sensory toy. Comprises: stretchable strings; glow in the dark; designed to suit ages three upwards.
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Sensory Pick Up & Play
Set of small items to stimulate the senses Comprises: 6 tactile quoits; 4 koosh balls; 2 smell balls; 3 hedgehog balls (800mm); 1 hedgehog ball (dia...
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Sensory Kit
Sensory kit. Comprises: three bottles of bubble mix; bubble foamer; two hand wands; one hand wand with interchangeable ropes.
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Aroma Kits
Aroma kit. Comprises: kit bag can typically include aroma mouse, aromatherapy kit, soothersack, AromaPlay play dough, Aroma huggabuddy, scented crysta...
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Wheelchair Activity Arch
Activity arch which clips onto most wheelchairs. Comprises adjustable width metal frame, and three Velcro straps to suspend toys. Optional percussion ...
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Sounds Sensory Kits
Sounds sensory kits. Comprises: budget kit can include musical bells, diddy rainbowshaker, space blanket, groggy groan tube, talking tin, bell ball, c...
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Sounds Kits
Sounds kit. Comprises: kit bag can typically include boomwhackers, setoff 12 Snoezelen sensory squares, space blanket, Groggy Groan tube, shape shaker...
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Visual Kits
Visual kit. Comprises: kit bag can typically include UV lantern with torch, UV twister rope, Linelite, UV scarves, space blanket, glow gloves, boing b...
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Sensory Hand Held Infinity Tunnel
LED lighting for visual stimulation. Comprises: three LED lights which produce the effect of an infinity tunnel; three AG-13 batteries.
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Play N Go Uv Case
Case of UV sensory equipment. Comprises: multi coloured rainbow fibres; LED light source that connects to the rainbow fibres above intended to to pr...
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Large Infinity Tunnel
Handheld device designed to provide visual stimulation. Comprises: coloured LED lights; lights rotate through red, blue and green patterns; battery po...
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Vibrating Pillow Switch Operated
Vibrating pillow reward toy activated by switch. Switch not supplied.
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Tactile Sensory Kits
Tactile sensory kits. Comprises: budget kit can include Sensaring, Tact-O, squiggle ball, vibration pillow, storage tub, space blanket, sparkly play f...
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Musii Multi Sensory Interactive Inflatable
Interactive music system designed for play and sensory therapy. Comprises: inflatable object with three cones which emits sound; inflates by the touch...
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Versatile Activity Arch
Adjustable activity arch. Comprises: steel frame; adjustable width; three Velcro straps; suspended toys or mobiles. Can be free standing on floor or a...
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Folding Activity Arch Easel
Folding activity arch. Comprises: triangular steel frame; four Velcro straps; suspended toys. Folds for storage.
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Need More Help?

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