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Playground activities

This section includes indoor and outdoor play and playground equipment.

Outdoor adventure and modular playground structures are made of plastic or wooden units which can be used individually, or assembled to form large play structures. They have special features for children with limited mobility or partial sight. They combine activity areas with ladders, frames, tunnels, theme houses and interchangeable activity and tactile panels. Some of the items (e.g. slides, ramps and bridges) are made double width, so that children can be accompanied by a helper to facilitate and physically support them to use the playground equipment.

Swings, hammocks, rockers and spinners are often used for therapy purposes to develop the balance and posture of children in different positions. Specialist knowledge is required however, to prevent over stimulation. The swings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be either fixed to the ceiling or used with a gantry frame. The rockers enable children to rock whilst sitting in a supported position. Two children are usually required to maintain the rocking movement. They can be useful for children whose legs push tightly together and for developing sitting balance, posture and head control.

Outdoor swings and rockers may be used to develop balance reactions and postural control. Included are wheelchair accessible swings and specialised swing seats which may have an integral pommel, footrest and an adjustable harness. Seat heights and angles can often be adjusted on these swings. Some of the swings have reduced side-to-side motion and twisting to give a stable and gently swinging platform. Several seats allow children to swing whilst in a lying or reclined position.

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Sensory Shell Chair
Sensory chair. Comprises: chair can be rocked by the occupant, or by someone else using the rear handle; stand for when you want the chair to stay sti...
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Wheelchair Trampoline
Trampoline designed to be used as part of an outdoor playground environment. Comprises: rectangular shaped slip-resistant trampolining mat with rubber...
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Wheelchair Accessible Playground Bridge
Bridge designed to be used as part of an outdoor playground environment. Comprises: wheelchair accessible; two entrance panels with bannisters; intera...
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Wheelchair Accessible Climbing Frame
Wheelchair accessible climbing frame designed for an outdoor playground environment. Comprises: powder coated steel construction; entrance platforms; ...
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Rainbow Drums Set
Rainbow drums. Comprises: designed for outdoor use; set of five drums in different colours; played using hands. Options: other colours are available ...
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Tubular Bells Set
Tubular bells. Comprises: seven chimes; made from aluminium; outer tubes fix to a strengthened central post using stainless steel screws; bells are ca...
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Play House
Play house designed for outdoor use, foundation requires concreting into ground. Comprises: ridge roof; panel of music pipes which move up and down to...
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Pentatonic Chimes
Pentatonic chimes. Comprises: made from aluminium; hand-tuned; disabled access and ADA accessible.
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Large Babel Drum
Babel drum. Designed to be played with hands. Comprises: drum is mounted onto a frame; stainless steel; eight-note layout in G-Major. Options: mallets...
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Cavatina Xylophone
Cavatina xylophone. Comprises: a range of different coloured notes fixed to black resonators; low to high notes from left to right; designed to be wea...
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Wheelchair trampoline. Comprises: designed for wheelchair users; flush fitted entrance with beveled edges on all sides; sprung surface.
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Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator Ii Deluxe System
Therapy swing for children. Comprises: free standing gantry; rotating suspended body sling fixed in stable position. Child lies in sling in prone posi...
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Tumble Forms 2 Tortoise Shell With Net Balls & Suspension Kit
Therapy system designed for vestibular stimulation and sensory therapy. Comprises: rocking turtle dome; recessed base; net; bubble balls.
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Tactile Panel
Outdoor sensory activity. Comprises: wooden panel with 15 different tactile squares; includes rough artificial grass, a smooth acrylic mirror, felts a...
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Springies Playground Seats
Range of outdoor play equipment for children aged 1-8 years. Comprises: floor fixing; large coloured spring; soft shaped seat; high sides; front acces...
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Outdoor Music Frame
Square shaped mobile frame with a range of musical instruments attached on all four sides designed for indoor or outdoor use. Comprises: beaters; eigh...
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Minimondo Little Beetle Spring Rocker
Outdoor spring rocker. Comprises: powder coated steel; spring; animal body shape; solid seat; footrests; tubular backrest. Suitable for children from ...
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Gonge Top
Child's large plastic spinning top. Child can sit inside, rock and spin it.
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Giant Dome Acrylic Mirror
Dome shaped wall mirror. Comprises: convex mirror dome; suitable for indoor and outdoor use; acrylic plastic; attaches to a flat surface; sticky pads ...
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Explorers Tactile Panel
Tactile panel. Comprises: waterproof panel; posts for securing panel into the ground; eight different sensory panels with glass, bobbly rubber mattin...
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Candy Coloured Chimes
Outdoor sensory activity. Comprises: eight coloured chimes on a wooden stand.
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Bubble Indoor Outdoor Mirrors
Mirrors. Comprises: convex bubble mirrors; made from toughened safety plastic. Options: choice of colours.
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Bongos Music Panel
Music panels designed for sensory stimulation. Comprises: three panels with bongos; requires fixing in ground.
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Balancing Board
Plastic circular balance board. Comprises: convex under surface; four handles; removable core which can be used in standing or sitting.
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Need More Help?

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