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This section includes conventional style swings with more support than a standard swing seat, and swing frames accommodating single or multiple use including wheelchair compatible swings or accessories. Most of them rely on using the swing component with a heavy duty frame.

Seat supports may include an integral pommel (without side support), a harness or footrest. Some designs allow the swing to be used in a lying position.

Outdoor swings and rockers may be used to develop balance reactions and postural control.

Wheelchair accessible swings and specialised swing seats may have an integral pommel, footrest and an adjustable harness. Seat heights and angles can often be adjusted on these swings. 

Some swings have reduced side-to-side motion and twisting to give a stable and gently swinging platform. Several seats allow children to swing whilst in a lying or reclined position.

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Saturn Wheelchair Accessible Swing
Wheelchair swing designed to be used as part of an outdoor playground environment. Comprises: metal frame; swing with ramp access; user can move or st...
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Basket Swing
Swing designed to be used as part of an outdoor playground environment. Comprises: metal arched frame; basket seat with rope seating area which provid...
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Suspension System
Free standing gantry for use with indoor swings to eliminate the need for structural alterations. Constructed from thick steel tubing, designed not to...
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Child Sling Swing
Sling swing for children sitting or prone lying. Comprises: soft nylon fabric; two straps; one safety snap.
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Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator Ii Deluxe System
Therapy swing for children. Comprises: free standing gantry; rotating suspended body sling fixed in stable position. Child lies in sling in prone posi...
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Wooden Nest Swings
Outdoor swing for group use. Comprises: wooden frame; nest shaped seat made of steel rope with padded raised rope ring edge; aluminium shoes designed ...
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Wheelchair Platform
Wheelchair platform attachment for fixture to supplier's own Single Swing Frame. Comprises: weatherproof platform which can be raised and lowered via ...
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Teenage Full Support Swing Seat
Swing seat for teenagers. Comprises: moulded plastic seat; front pommel; contoured backrest; three-point harness; suspension points including two on f...
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Swing Seats
Moulded plastic swing seat. Comprises: full height backrest; inbuilt pommel; webbed nylon safety harness; adjustable nylon ropes. Options: swing frame...
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Standard Swing Combination
Outdoor swing. Comprises: metal frame; nest swing constructed of padded rope edge and steel rope matting; two standard style bumper swings; wrap-resis...
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Single Tier Cradle Seat
Swing seat for toddlers. Comprises: rubber, shatter proof seat; surround support frame; cushioned leg separator.
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Single Swing Frame
Heavy duty swing frame designed for the attachment of specialist seating or suspension systems. Comprises: wide based galvanised steel frame; twisted ...
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Retention Strap
Pair of adjustable length straps for use with TFH swings. Attaches to the front of the seat and the bottom of the front legs of the swing frame to pre...
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Pod Swing Seats
Outdoor swing for toddlers. Comprises: stainless steel cable; rubber pod-shaped seat; range of sizes.
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Double Swung
Outdoor swing. Comprises: swing frame with two swings suspended; the swings are dual operated so that only one of the pair needs to be swung to swing ...
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Child Full Support Swing Seat
Swing seat for children. Comprises: moulded fibreglass seat; pommel; safety harness with horizontal lap strap, horizontal chest strap, and two paralle...
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Birdnest Swing
Swing with round seat that can accommodate more than one child. Comprises: frame; large dome-shaped seat; seat attached to frame by rubber-covered cha...
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Wheelchair compatible outdoor swing. Comprises: metal frame; slip-resistant wheelchair platform; front and rear guard rails; four-point clamping syste...
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