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This section includes toys, games and activities to provide multisensory stimulation.

Multisensory toys offer a range of combinations of auditory, visual and tactile rewards. For example, they may vibrate, be comprised of various textures, or they may play music. These toys include tubes, balls, mirrors and boxes. Many include provision for switches.

Shape puzzles and inset boards may help a child to recognise and match shapes visually, by sound and/or by touch. The majority of the products are wooden boards with brightly coloured pieces and many of the puzzle pieces have chunky peg handles to make them easier for a child to handle. Some of the products are also designed to encourage colour recognition and counting skills.

Activity boards and centres may be free standing or wall mounted, attached to children's wheelchairs or laid flat on tables, and some allow children to lie underneath them to play. Some are suitable for group play. A range can be folded flat and have carry handles for transporting. These activity boards and centres may have features for visual, tactile and auditory stimulation, such as bells, mirrors., lights. tactile discs and panels. turning knobs.

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SENse Flex
Projector designed to provide sensory stimulation in a multisensory environment. Comprises: portable device on mobile base; adjustable height to enabl...
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Dome which when activated via a push-button, lights up, plays music and displays flying sparkles. Battery operated. Can be operated via an external in...
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Motorized Glitter Roll Music Box
Switch operated roller toy. Comprises: motorised base which incorporates the roll; on activation the roll lights up, plays music and glitter and bead...
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Mini Popper
Multi sensory toy. Comprises: plastic dome and base; lights, bouncing balls and vibratory response when dome is pressed; battery operation; facility f...
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Glitter Roll Music Base Switch
Multi-sensory switch designed to provide stimulation with roller action and built-in music box. Comprises: clear, cylindrical roller containing a sele...
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Glitter Pins
Glitter musical rolling pin with handles. Comprises: clear cylinder with brightly coloured sequins; built in music box; when moved the roller lights u...
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Dalmation & Penguin Switch Activated Toys
Switch operated toy. Comprises: a slide which, when activated by an input switch, sends characters down the slide; battery operated. Options: models w...
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Car Chase
Switch operated car chase game where the switch starts and stops the chase. Comprises: four race tracks; four racing cars; one helicopter that hovers ...
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Mini Dome
Multisensory toy. Comprises: transparent dome containing confetti mounted on an angled plastic base with touch sensitive platform surrounding the dome...
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Dome Alone
Multisensory switch activated dome. Comprises: plastic frame; clear cover; coloured moving objects; visual and auditory reward; music; light; switch j...
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Multi-Sensory themed play space for relaxation and immersive play
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Tactile Search & Match Puzzle
Puzzle designed to provide tactile stimulation and colour/texture recognition. Comprises: wooden board with nine inset circles; nine round puzzle piec...
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Switch Adapted Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy
Switch adapted laugh and learn smart stages puppy. Designed to help with a baby's development of sensory and fine motor skills. Comprises: puppy's han...
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Switch Adapted Animals
Switch adapted animals. Comprises: adapted to work with a variety of different accessible switch controllers.
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Switch Activated Toys
Range of furry toys. Comprises: toys will move and emit appropriate animal noises when operated; can be used with a range of switches.
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Fan And Lights Reward
Reward toy. Comprises: wooden box; four coloured lights; fan; switch operated. Switch not supplied.
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Transparent Tactile Shells
Set of shapes designed to provide tactile and visual stimulation. Comprises: 108 translucent shell shapes in different shapes, sizes and colours; text...
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Sound Bank Mirror
Set of five play mirrors. Comprises: recording device with mirrored surface; 30 seconds recording time and playback; mirrors which can be written or d...
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Big Sensory Book
Large multicoloured fabric book. Comprises: nine pages, each having a different activity; dressing tasks; alphabet; sounds; textures; numbers. Can be ...
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Wooden Lacing Fruits
Set of shapes for threading and lacing development. Comprises: 21 brightly coloured fruit shapes with holes through the centre; three wooden threaders...
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Twist And Turn Puzzle
Shape recognition puzzle. Comprises: wooden base with three differently-shaped vertical wooden posts; nine wooden discs in a range of shapes and colou...
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Shape Labyrinth Puzzle
Labyrinth track finder board. Comprises: wooden baseboard; coloured wooden geometric shapes which are moved along the tracks to an end point with a co...
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Sensory Snap Beads
Sensory beads designed to develop hand eye co-ordination. Comprises: 14 bead shapes made of plastic that join together by pushing a small peg in one b...
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Sea Life Activity Cube
Sea life activity cube. Comprises: five activities on five sides of the cube; design of the cube is intended to portray the sea.
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Need More Help?

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