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This section includes toys, games and activities to provide tactile stimulation.

Walls and panels provide stimulation and different sensory experiences including those which provide tactile sensation.

Mats and flooring are available in a range of textures and colours. They can assist children to develop exploration and tactile recognition and perception (discriminating between different textures). Some are made up of panels that can be linked together on the floor to make various shapes, or different sized mats.

Games and activities that have various textures, shapes and surfaces to encourage children to explore and compare, such as puzzles, dice, counters, mazes and games such as matching pairs of tactile balls.

Blocks and tiles are available in a range of shapes, colours and textures which children can explore and compare. They can be used for developing recognition skills, tactile perception (discriminating between different textures), increasing hand-eye coordination and encouraging children's communication and interaction.

Boxes that have various textured surfaces inside a box for gross or fine tactile discrimination. They are usually open on one side which children can access with their hands or their feet. Children can feel and compare the textures inside the box. This can be a fun way of training basic tactile skills.

Toys for tactile stimulation include beanbags, water snakes, animals, wooden blocks and vibrating tubes. Each can present a different tactile experience as they build, sort, stretch, squash, squeeze, compare and explore shapes and textures.

Shape puzzles/games and inset boards that may help a child to recognise and match shapes such as geometric shapes (circles, squares etc), animal shapes and everyday items (e.g. a car, tree or house). 

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4 Tower Shape Sorter
Four-tower shape sorter. Comprises: wooden base; wooden uprights; 16 coloured wooden shapes.
8-in-1 Activity Centre
Activity centre. Comprises: wooden pushing cart; activities include abacus, shape shorter, slide game and flip chart.
Abstract Tactile Panel
Interactive tactile wall panel for sensory stimulation. Comprises: auditory, visual and tactile sensory elements; fluid shapes, raised and recessed ar...
Activity Wall Panels
Activity wall panels. Comprises: set of three; shapes include a brown horse with wire beads and moving gears, a yellow giraffe with fruit puzzle block...
Activity Wall Panels
Activity wall panel. Comprises: consists of five different activities; fixing holes and attachment screws; designed for indoor use.
Animal Shapes Sorter Board
Animal shape sorting board. Comprises: wooden board; five coloured animals; chunky handles.
Big Sensory Book
Large multicoloured fabric book. Comprises: nine pages, each having a different activity; dressing tasks; alphabet; sounds; textures; numbers. Can be ...
Buggie Tactile Toy
Children's sensory toy. Comprises: designed for child to stretch and squash; two cartoon-style eyes. Options: available in a range of colours.
Count & Twist Shapes
Shape and fraction recognition board. Comprises: wooden board with four circular screw pegs, each of which has a coloured shape at the base; rubberwoo...
Discovery Dressing Cube
Dressing cube. Designed to provide practice with dressing. Comprises: range of fasteners typically including a zip, strap, buckle without a pin, Velcr...
Explore The Sensory City Panel
Sensory wall panel in the shape of a city. Comprises: comes in two parts, and can be installed on a corner wall or on a straight wall; allows explorat...
Explorers Tactile Panel
Tactile panel. Comprises: waterproof panel; posts for securing panel into the ground; eight different sensory panels with glass, bobbly rubber mattin...
Fan And Lights Reward
Reward toy. Comprises: wooden box; four coloured lights; fan; switch operated. Switch not supplied.
Feel & Touch Tactile Wall Panel
Comprises: four different pressure pads made from foam with fabric coverings; birch cylinders of varying heights; four empty, cotton feely bags with e...
Feelie Tactile Boxes
Tactile boxes. Comprises: ten wooden boxes; open on one side; range of textures including fur, sandpaper, cork, rubber; detachable textured disc. Boxe...
Fibre Optic Tactile Wall Panel
Interactive tactile panel. Comprises: two fibre optic carpet panels; 128 enhancing fibres at top of panel; fibre optic sparkles on lower part of panel...
Five Tops Posting Box
Wooden posting box. Comprises: five interchangeable tops; detachable front; five solid wooden coloured shapes; drawer to retrieve shapes.
Fractions Shape Match Puzzle
Fractions shape match puzzle. Comprises: wooden puzzle with brightly coloured pieces and base board; the puzzle is designed to introduce bask numeracy...
Geometric Puzzle
Geometric puzzle. Comprises: wooden blocks; various shapes, some have cut outs and numbers painted on the side.
Geometric Shape Matching Board
Geometric shape matching board. Comprises: wooden board; coloured shapes; knobs to facilitate grip.
Geometric Stacker
Shape stacker. Comprises: wooden base with 3 rods; 25 coloured wooden pieces; pieces are shaped in rings, octagons and rectangles.
Giant Metallic Bead Threading And Lacing Set
Set of giant beads to help develop threading and lacing skills. Comprises: plastic beads with holes through the middle; set includes beads in three di...
Giant Pegs And Pegboard Set
Pegboard set, designed for developing fine motor skills, counting, sorting and patterning. Comprises: square board; 36 stackable pegs in different col...
Giant Threading Buttons
Threading buttons. Comprises: fifty pieces of buttons; five sizes; five colours; six laces; four smile-head laces.


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