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This section includes shapes made from soft foam with PVC covers, usually in bright primary colours.

Play shapes can be used individually for positioning, or combined as part of a soft play environment or multi sensory area. They are useful for developing creative and imaginative play as well as gross motor skills (the ability to control the large muscles of the body).

Individual shapes may include geometric shapes such as cubes or cylinders, or characters such as animals and vehicles.

Shape sets are available in a variety of shapes such as cubes, pyramids, rolls and arches. Others are themed sets which comprise a number of individual shapes that fit together to make a larger structure such as a castle or a boat. Some of these sets have integral ball pools and some may have a mobile case for storage and transportation.

Rockers enable children to rock whilst sitting in a supported position. Two children are usually required to maintain the rocking movement. They can be useful for children whose legs push tightly together and for developing sitting balance, posture and head control.

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22pc Portable Softplay Box
Range of equipment for use within multisensory environments. Comprises: soft play rooms; floor cushions; soft play kits; rocker roller; shape recognit...
24-piece Puzzle Block
Set of soft play shapes. Comprises: foam filling; range of shapes; vinyl zip-up bag; pattern which shows how the blocks are repacked.
Activity Pentagonal Mirror
Set of soft play triangular shapes with built in soft mirrors. Comprises: shapes join using Velcro to make a balance course. Options: two sets can be...
Agility Softplay
Range of foam shapes covered in flame retardant vinyl. Comprises: slopes; wavy steps; slide; stepping block; platform block. Options include: rock cli...
Assault Course
Assault course in brightly coloured material. Comprises: variety of balancing obstacles and tunnels; storage bag.
Balance Beam
Balance beam. Comprises: padded, elevated beam designed for children to balance on; designed to be used within manufacturer's padded play environments...
Big Blocks Building Blocks
Thirty-two piece set of large soft building blocks in range of shapes, sizes and colours.
Black & White Shapes
Set of four black and white soft play pieces each of which has a separate shape print. Comprises: a triangle, a square a hexagon and a circle printed...
Body Rocker
Body rocker. Comprises: foam filling; vinyl cover; 'U' shaped; rocking movement.
Castle Den
Castle den. Designed to suit infants up to crawling age. Comprises: padded base mat, secures to undersides with hook and loop fastener; four sides wit...
Caterpillar Mirror Bumps
Set of play shapes in the shape of a caterpillar. Comprises: six PVC, Phthalate free bumps with two impact resistant plastic safety mirrors sewn in fo...
Climb & Slide
Range of soft play slides. Comprises: soft play shape shaped to form steps and a slide; animal illustration on side. Options include: elephant; grass...
Curvy Castle Constructors
Set of 11 Soft play pieces in bright colours which can be used individually or combined to form a castle style construction. Pieces include turret sha...
Discovery Trail
Soft play set. Comprises: eight brightly coloured foam pieces with integral pockets, inset mirrors and printed with geometric shapes in contrasting co...
Educational Softplay
Range of soft play structures. Comprises: construction sets; playspaces; jungle animal shapes; farmyard shapes; seaside shapes; baby rings; games; tow...
Eight Piece Agility Set & Floor Mat
Set of various soft play shapes. Comprises: cylinder, polo, trapezium, beam, mat, half circle x2, square bridge; dimensions for each piece range from...
First-play Funtime Soft Play Blocks
Range of soft play shapes designed to encourage safe play. Comprises: foam construction; PVC cover; brightly coloured.
Giant Soft Play Box
Set of soft play shapes. Comprises: 16 large softplay pieces which Velcro together including one pillar, two cubes, one ring, two barrels, one half ri...
Giants Causeway Soft Shape Set
Set of hexagonal soft play shapes. Comprises: seven hexagonal cushions; five of the seven hexagonal cushions vary in height; shapes attach to one anot...
Hanging Sausage Soft Play Shape
Cylindrical foam shape which is suspended and can be used as a swing, punch bag or climbing pole. Choice of colour available. Hanging bracket required...
Jigsaw Softie Mirrors
Set of four soft play mirrors in a jigsaw configuration. May be handheld, free-standing or wall-mounted. Comprises: sticky pads for wall-mounting.
Jump For Joy Criss-cross 4-piece Set
Criss-Cross soft play set. Comprises: four pieces including beam, stepping stones, pair of drain pipes.
Jump For Joy Individual Soft Play Pieces
Range of individual soft play pieces including arch, banana rocker, barrel and bricks, bridges.
Jump For Joy Magic Carpet Set
Magic carpet softplay set. Comprises: carpet with hook and loop strips and pads for securing shapes; four bricks; large and small wedges; rocker; lar...


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