Person-centred solutions

Living Made Easy ProAssist presents solutions based on functional needs so that you can consider options across a range of technologies and choose the right combination for your client or service user. A comprehensive database based on ISO international standard classifications means that you will be viewing a range of potential products that you can then choose with confidence.

Products are added to LME’s database with a range of ISO codes so that they appear in all relevant searches and your search is not limited to producing recommendations from a single product category. This world first new menu-based classification system is based on the latest ISO standard for assistive technology.

Sharing best practice across borders

Research conducted by Living Made Easy that led to the development of ProAssist showed that there are many examples of evidence held within a particular region or organisation that could be shared more widely. Living Made Easy ProAssist is organised to collect reviews, tips and hints for assessment building into a valuable resource to back your selection.

Users can submit new publications in a range of formats including reports, videos and in-depth solutions reviews.


About Living made easy

We have come a long way since the ubiquitous Hamilton Index ring-binders that were part of an OT’s daily life. Around two million people a year access our free and impartial advice for the public  including our Living Made Easy website. Living Made Easy includes details of over ten thousand products from over 950 retailers, useful advice articles, the AskSARA self-assessment tool and our online supported forum Youreable. 

Our work to support professionals continues to evolve with our LME for Professionals programme including extensive specialist training, specialist prescribing tools and support. We are market leaders in the Trusted Assessor arena and we have over 25 years of running moving and handling people flagship events.

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To find out more about the LME for Professionals programme, visit https://livingmadeeasy.org.uk/dlf-for-professionals  call our Partnerships Team on 0300 123 3084 or email lme-enquiries@shaw-trust.org.uk


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