Commissioned Courses

If you have a full team to train it could be more cost effective to commission a full course.
Courses can be run in a venue of your choice or we can supply one of our own. This way your team are all taught at the same time, by the same trainer, in a location convenient to you. Many of our customers choose this option as it adds continuity and support to the learning environment.
You can also commission a course for your learners and “sell” on the other spaces to other organisations near you – again to maintain the control over location and timings.

Each course will have a maximum number of learners:

Trusted Assessor Courses – maximum of 12 learners
Moving and Handling Courses – maximum of 8 learners
Once booked you will be provided with access to our learning management system where you will be able to monitor and track your learners’ progress through each stage of the course.

We can also offer you access to work based competencies, assessment forms and other advice in relation to working with trusted assessors within you environment.


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