Major Gifts

Large or ‘major’ gifts make a big difference - to DLF and to the many thousands of older and disabled people whom we help. They empower change and can have a transformative impact.

The most effective way to avert what the media has already termed a “crisis in care” is through utilising advances in assistive living technology to their full potential.

DLF is the only UK national charity dedicated to this area of vital and increasing significance. We already have an unrivalled reputation among service users and health/social care professionals, and your gift will ensure that we retain the capacity to respond rapidly and innovatively to the challenges ahead. 

You may know immediately the area of work you wish to support. Equally, you may prefer to take the time to get to know DLF and discover more about our priorities before coming to a decision. Whatever the case, we believe that the making of your gift is only the beginning. We aim to build a long-term relationship with you, enabling you to see the work you are making possible develop to the benefit of older and disabled people throughout the UK.

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