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Cowal Twin Flip-ups 1
Cowal Twin Flip-ups
Priced from £444.00
What we say

Modification to accelerator pedal to enable left foot controls but retaining facility to control with right foot. Twin pedal attaches to conventional accelerator pedal. Pulling down the pedal required indicates automatic flip up of other pedal clearance.


Cowal Mobility Aids Ltd

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Product Information

Manufacturer's Product Description

The Cowal Twin Flip-ups were designed over 30 years ago. This was when other concerns were bolting another pedal to the other side of the brake, or through the floor and severing the original pedal in half! We thought that was dangerous and designed a safe, neat alternative which gave the able bodied driver the ability to drive the car normally. The Twin Flip-Ups have since been adopted by our competitors, but the Cowal Twins are still believed to be the best as our hinge mechanisms are designed NEVER to drop down over time. We have designed Twin Flip-Ups for vehicles with plastic electronic pedals which other concerns have not been able to do. The Cowal Premier Twin Flip-Ups have been produced for this type of pedal or very difficult cars where a higher degree of installation time is required.

Manufacturer's Contact Details


Cowal Mobility Aids Ltd

Cowal Court

Heath End Road

Great Kingshill

High Wycombe




01494714400 sales@cowalmobility.co.uk

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