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Spaceship themed pod with white lighting Child playing in Submarine themed pod with green lighting Heart themed pod with blue lighting Three children playing in Dinosaur themed pod Child sleeping in Igloo themed pod Igloo themed pod with white lighting Child laying in jungle themed pod with purple lighting Submarine themed pod PODS 9
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Inflatable multi-sensory themed play space for relaxation and immersive play


Pods Play

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Product Information

Manufacturer's Product Description

Introduce your child to the wonders of the universe with the Galactic Space Adventure Pop-Up Play Space This out-of-this-world sensory pod is the perfect place for your little ones to explore the galaxy, delve into the depths of the ocean and hang with the jungle gang. But the fun doesn't stop there. The pod also features built-in remote control sensory lighting that creates an immersive experience that will transport your child to another world. Plus, with our mobile app PODS Play, you'll have access to exclusive audiobooks, e-books, and sound effects that will make playtime move into another dimension. Your child can listen to an audiobook or listen to sound effects for the ultimate sensory relaxation and immersive play experience. This pod is not only a fun and educational tool for children but also a great way to bond with them and to stimulate their creativity and imagination. PODS is easy to set up and take down - taking under 90 seconds - making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. And when playtime is over, the tent can be easily stored away in its carrying case. Pop-up, Plug-in, Play in seconds out of the bag. Lightweight yet incredibly strong at 10g. An inflatable pod literally pops up ensuring a robust base for the most active of kids. Remote-controlled sensory lighting. Colour change options or solid colour Interchangeable graphic and adventure options available Access to the PODSplay app to access the themed digital content Includes Bluetooth speaker to showcase the themed audio files Includes removable memory foam mat for additional comfort for both children and adults. Heavy-duty bite-proof material. Packs away in 90 seconds into a handy PODS bag Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (weather permitting) Size: 180cm (l) x 180cm (w) x 180cm (h) Suitable for 1-3 children or up to 1 adult and 2 children Portable - take PODS with you on the road, in the air and into outer space If using the lights, these are low voltage 24v and running costs are £0.06 per hour. (Based on current energy rates) British designed and assembled 1-year manufacturer's warranty Sensory Benefits Partial sight - light tracking for cortical impairments with visual stimulation Sensory Benefits Partial sight - light tracking cortical impairments with visual stimulation Physical disabilities, designed with wheelchairs and floor-bound users in mind Autism and ADHD - soothing, relaxation for times of meltdown Childrens anxiety - a calming space for children to be by themselves or with parents/ care providers Multiple sensory benefits for all those with additional needs Ideal for care providers and healthcare professionals offering respite in the home For use within schools, nurseries, hospitals, creches, hospices, playgroups, waiting rooms, church groups, kids clubs, hotels, shopping centres, the home and much, much more. The future of sensory play tents. The coolest and most portable sensory play space in the universe. Grab PODS today and let the adventure take off! Please note, stock arrives in PODS laboratories in late March time so dispatch will be shortly after this. We'll let you know when your POD is good to be shipped.

Manufacturer's Contact Details

Hello there, we’re PODS Products and we design and make the coolest and most innovative sensory play spaces in this world and the universe. We truly have always been excited by being captured by experiences and creative spaces.


We are designers, dreamers and wannabe astronauts. Years of imaginative play has turned into years of creative thinking and design in making PODS. We understand the need for children to have their own space to relax, learn and play in. 


Pods Play

(0) 3302232454 hello@podsplay.com

Key Features

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Product Dimensions

Height 180cm
Length 180cm
Width 180cm

Product Specification

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