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Sensory At Home Package 1
Sensory At Home Package
Priced from £475.00
What we say

Sensory at home package.


Sense Sensory

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Product Information

Manufacturer's Product Description

This package includes: 105cm Bubble Tube - 105cm tall tube with an on/off switch on the base. Inside the bubble tube it includes 8 fish. Colour Changing. Small Wall Bracket - To go with the bubble tube for safety - to stop the tube from falling over. 10cm Infinity Mirror - LED lighting gives an infinity illusion of a tunnel light. Battery opperated (3 x AA, not provided) Massage Basket - Pack of 8 smooth birch wood rollers and shapes, stimulates touch and helps build concentration and tranquilize emotions. Galaxy Stars Projector- It's simple to operate, simply plug and play. It can be projected onto a wall or ceiling. Uses holographic technology to project a moving night sky with random shooting stars.Create an affordable galaxy cosmos in your room with this projector. Full set of Tactile Discs- Contains a set of 10 different tactile structures in a range of colours (10 large and 10 small discs), a blindfold and a large cloth bag.

Manufacturer's Contact Details


Sense Sensory

31 Tudor Way





01702810016 info@sensesensory.co.uk

Key Features

  • colour changing bubble tube with eight fish
  • wall bracket for bubble tube
  • infinity mirror with LED lighting
  • massage basket with eight birch wood rollers and shapes
  • galaxy stars projector, shapes can be projected onto a wall or ceiling
  • set of ten different tactile structures in a range of colours, with blindfold and cloth bag

Product Dimensions

No dimensions have been specified for this product

Product Specification

No product specification has been specified.

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