Christmas Countdown Tips for OTs

The Occupational Therapist Christmas Countdown
The Christmas Countdown




This is it, the countdown has begun, Christmas is officially on its way! 

With the last two years being some of the worst for health and social care staff since the days of war, two in five Brits feeling more stressed during the Christmas season, many of you are probably not looking forward to the run up for Christmas. 

5 top tips for reducing stress!

DLF for Professionals works to support those prescribing equipment and adaptation solutions. We may not be able to take the stress out of your personal Christmas responsibilities but here are our top tips to reduce those stress levels at work: 



Don’t try and solve every problem – sometimes we take it upon ourselves to try and solve everything we can for our clients, we want to help them to live better lives but at times it's beyond our abilities, budgets, or time. Referring people to AskSARA can encourage self-care, increase confidence and self-esteem, and enable your clients to solve difficulties you may not be able to within your remit. AskSARA is a free to use, simple self-assessment tool that will provide the user with impartial information and advice, written by OT’s and links to equipment that can be purchased and used to enhance daily living. Many local authorities licence this great tool for their residents, with localised information embedded. If your region hasn’t yet signed up, use either the Carers UK or the Medequip Manage@Home versions.



Focus on the positives – It can be easy to re-live the negative experiences we have had, trying to work out what we could have done better, it's something that OT’s are trained to do, reflect on the process and develop for the future. At times this can impact our own mental health. Learn to focus on the positives and the small wins we achieve each day.

Focus on the positive
Focus on the positive


Ask for help – The COVID pandemic has made us feel more isolated and independent. The days of working with large teams in an office are, for some, a thing of the past. It can make you feel that there is no one to support and help you. It is important to reach out if help is needed. DLF recognised that when looking for equipment solutions, the current method of asking colleagues or using a google search weren’t always the most reliable. In 2021 we launched DLF ProAssist, a hub to enable sharing of best practice across services, counties, and countries with access to over 52,000 products to support equipment provision. Learn more about DLF ProAssist.

DLF ProAssist
DLF ProAssist


Develop healthy responses – each person has their own way of managing stress. Turning to alcohol, chocolate or smoking are all common crutches and can actually exacerbate the problem. If you can develop a healthy response to stress by taking time out, going for a walk or talking with a colleague, these will help to reduce the impact. 

Healthy responses
Healthy responses


Plan something to look forward to – It’s always good to have something in the diary to look forward to, it helps us get through those days when we wish we had never left the bed! DLF is running the popular Moving and Handling People conference in Windsor on 22nd and 23rd February 2022. The conference provides much needed hands-on opportunities to practice skills facilitated by experts in the field. It will also give opportunities to network with likeminded professionals, see the latest equipment and most of all have a relaxing and stress-free day in the tranquil settings of the DeVere Beaumont estate. Food and drink are included in the ticket and the venue has plenty of space for a quiet tea break with colleagues.  BOOK NOW!

Moving and Handling People

DLF for Professionals run conferences and training and provide supportive tools such as DLF ProAssist for professionals required to assess and recommend equipment and adaptation solutions to enhance daily living. For more information on the services we offer visit DLF For Professionals or email


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