Your Stories

Lots of people have already found ways to improve their lifestyle, here are some of your stories.

Jenn's Story: FND and Me

A personal story from Jenn about living with Functional Neurological Disorder.


Jon can feed himself again with his assistive robotic arm

Military veteran Jon can feed himself again for the first time in 17 years, with help from an assistive robotic arm...


Jon benefits from better sleep and therapy thanks to powered rotating bed

Jon wanted more independence but getting in and out of bed was a difficult task which involved manual lifting from carers.


Steve can now access upstairs safely using a DFG funded homelift

Steve was worried about falling on his stairs, due to visual impairment and a stroke. Now he is using his homelift to travel safely between floors.


Mychaela can now walk her dog with a mobility scooter

Mychaela Green from London is a medically retired carer who used to support older people in the community. Due to a stroke and mental health issues she had to give up her career, however “keeps going and staying strong as a mum and nanny”. Mychaela also has epilepsy and COPD with weakness on her right side so uses a mobility scooter to remain mobile. She is also helped by an assistance dog called Nova through the charity Dog A.I.D. 


I’ve adapted my old favourite trowels

Earlier this year we talked to Cilla who had been feeling low after the death of her mother. Gardening had always been an outlet for her but with worsening arthritis at the time we spoke she had been finding some of the tasks were getting too hard and she was wondering if her gardening days were limited. Cilla is married and she and her husband have enjoyed gardening since retiring a couple of years ago, especially in the warmer months. Having a nice garden was also something she had always counted on to be able to entertain outdoors and although restrictions this year had limited the opportunities this summer she was disappointed at the prospect of standards slipping. Osteoarthritis affects her hands and knees and so kneeling to weed or plant new bulbs was becoming a major issue. At the same time she had been watching her husband carry out the heavy lifting that comes with maintaining a garden and she was missing the quality time of working together in the outdoors.


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