Jon benefits from better sleep and therapy thanks to powered rotating bed


Jon's rotating bed has given him the freedom to return home.
Jon's bed has given him the freedom to return home.

Retired soldier Jon Beck from Surrey has been able to leave QEF care and live at home through the help of an electrically operated turning bed.  

Life Changing Brain Injury

Lance Corporal Jon served in the Army for 12 years, following which he set up his own tree surgery business. Jon made a success of his new career until he experienced a fall which resulted in a life changing brain injury.  He was initially cared for by a team at the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) in South London. They aimed to rebuild Jon’s abilities so he could return home. The introduction of a power-assisted rotating bed at the QEF proved a turning point in Jon’s road to recovery.

Up until then getting in and out of bed was a difficult task which involved manual lifting from carers. Jon was unable to help himself and needed powered hoisting from bed-to-chair or wheelchair.  

Transferring issues

He did not like being transferred in a sling and every process became stressful for him. Jon’s mother and Occupational Therapist began looking for a solution to this and discovered the Rotoflex bed from Theraposture. An assessment of Jon’s needs was completed and a suitable bed was installed at the QEF. A rotational bed provides powered profiling, height adjustment and rotation so users can independently adjust their position and aids with sitting and standing. This support accelerated Jon’s recovery so he could return home – taking his bed with him. 

Comfortably Back Home

Now living comfortably at home with care 24/7, Jon has regained his ability to stand using an aid and independently positions himself in bed to perform strengthening exercises.  Jon’s mum says:  

“I read an article once by a person with disability who said, when they were in bed, with their eyes closed, they forgot they had limited mobility.  Once they opened their eyes they saw all their equipment and it immediately reminded them of the challenges they faced... this was depressing for them.  Hence we have purposely make sure all of Jon’s equipment is out of sight at night plus his bed helps as it does not look like a medical device.” 

It looks like a normal bed!

“Its design resembles a normal quality bed as all the mechanisms are hidden so the attractive look of Jon’s room is not compromised.  He can independently sit up in bed to watch TV or use his tablet and sleeps well with little need for readjustment.  Both the bed and the pressure mattress are both extremely comfortable. I have a video monitor and can see that Jon moves very little right through from 10pm until 7am.  When he’s awake, Jon benefits from the flexible nature of his bed to exercise his legs and feet which would not be possible in a chair.”

Protecting carers and aiding rehabilitation…

As Jon improves both mentally and physically, his bed will continue to play an important part within his rehabilitation.  

Not just for older people!

Sheila concludes: “Overall my family and Housing OT think Jon’s rotating bed is fantastic.  We have proven that these products are not just for older people – they are ideal for younger guys such as Jon. The bed helps protect our carers from back injury and empowers Jon to learn and improve to the best of his ability.” 

Jon appreciates his rotating profiling bed
This flexible bed is not just for older people.


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