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Most people take the simplicity of bathing for granted. It is something that is relaxing, or prepares you for the day. For many people living with disability, or age related difficulties however, it can be far more complicated than most people realise, or even dangerous, due to the increased risk of slipping and hurting one’s self. Daily living aids, including washing aids, can help people to become more confident with washing themselves without the need for help from another, increasing both confidence and independence. 

Whether they are products designed to increase comfort or prevent falls in the bathroom, there are many daily living aids or adaptations that one can adopt to make their lives easier. 

Getting into and out of the bath or shower 

Whether one is a wheelchair user or simply struggles with their balance and is prone to falls, there are many ways to ensure you can get safely in and out of the bath or shower. 

Bath Lifts are a fantastic way for people to manoeuvre into the bath without the risk of falling. Many can be operated by the user, rather than by an attendant which helps to maintain one’s independence. They are usually operated by a simple hand-held controller. Some can also provide posture support when sitting in the bath, providing a comfortable seat for the user from which to bath and support their back. 

If you don’t feel you need a Bath Lift, but do need a little extra help stepping over the edge of the bath, you can always get a small set of steps. These allow you to step into and out of the bath from a non-slip modular step rather than having to precariously climb in and out and risk falling, or inducing pain in stiff muscles. 

Bath Lift 
Bath Steps
Bath Cushion
Swivelling Bath Seat
Inflatable Bath Cushion

Slipping and Falling 

There are many products that can protect one against slipping and falling in the bathroom, whether that is on the bath or shower floor, or a wet tiled floor upon exit. The simplest thing you can do to increase safety is place anti-slip surfaces on the shower or bath floor. These can come as small stickers or matts, and ensure that these slippery surfaces have friction on them to ensure one doesn’t slip. 

You can also install bathroom safety rails to both the bath or the shower. They can aid one both in getting into and out of the shower, or just to ensure stability when using either. 


Bath-boards can help one get into the bath or sit to easily wash themselves easily. The bath board can be placed over the bath so that the sides rest on either edge of the bath to create a seat one can then sit on to wash without having to lower one’s self into the bath and risk slipping and hurting themselves. 

Bath boards aren’t the only option however, whether that is for one’s bath or shower. Both cushions or seats can make one more comfortable in the bath, or give one more support to prevent one sliding or building up pain from sitting against the hard surface of the bath. These can be inflatable cushions, or bath shorteners, both allowing for more comfort in the bath. 


If you have reduced flexibility then it can become difficult to wash yourself, even if getting into the bath or shower is not problematic for you. Simple daily-living aids can make this easier, such as a long handled bath sponge. This allows you to comfortably reach all parts of your body comfortably and ensures that you can maintain independence. 


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