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Make the most of the approaching Summer and the removal of COVID restrictions by getting out and about! 

There are many simple hints and tips that can help you enjoy the summer. 

A little bit of planning can go a long way to making going out easier and more enjoyable, whatever your situation. 

Doing some research before you go out can help you to be sure that the activities you want to do will suit your accessibility needs. Searching the internet for “accessible days out” , “days out for disabled people” or “autism / wheelchair friendly days out” for example can being up some useful results. 

If you are considering somewhere specific for your day out you can also look at accessibility blogs such as AccessAble or Euan’s Guide as they allow you to search for specific places and venues to see what other visitors have said about them. 

Plan your route in advanced to prevent stress when travelling. Check how easy and accessible public transport is or what transport your venue has, for example a shuttle bus to get people from the car park to the venue. You can also search for what kinds of discounted travel options are available to you, or what options are available for free. 

Sites like BlueBadgeParking allow you to search for disabled parking bays meaning you can ensure that you won’t have to walk too far to the venue. 

Contact venues or places you wish to visit to ask about their accessible facilities. Many attractions have services where you can rent wheelchairs or mobility scooters either free of charge, or for a nominal fee. Have a look at websites such as ShopMobilityUK for this information. Changing Places also provides information about enhanced Changing Places Toilets for those people who need extra equipment and space to allow them to use the toilets safely and comfortably. 

There are a range of ways that you can support your mobility and get out and about to enjoy the summer without having to power through the pain or change your plans. 

Ensure that you can take a rest when you need to. Using a product such as a walking stick seat or a rollator enables you to take a break whenever you need to without having to worry about finding an available seat or bench to sit on. Both are easy to use and can be easily folded out to provide seating or used as a mobile walking aid to support you as you walk. For those that want something in-between a rollator and a walking stick, there are walkers such as forearm walkers to offer more support when walking. 

Many rollators such as the Nitro 4 Wheel Rollator even have built in carry capacity so that you don’t have to worry about struggling to carry a bag whilst using your mobility aid. 

Navigation Air Forearm Walker
Aidapt Duo Delluxe Rollator and Transit Char in One 
Deluxe Lined Wheelchair Bag
Nitro 4 Wheel Standard Rollator
Car Assist Pack


If you are worried about fatigue even with rests, you may wish to consider something like a combination rollator / transit chair. This way you can walk as much as you wish to and maintain independence, but when you tire you can use it as a wheelchair and be pushed by a carer or friend. This way you can continue to enjoy your day. 

Ensuring your car is prepared for your journey and day out can also help to eliminate stress. Ensuring that you and whoever accompanies you can easily assist you when needed means that you can focus on enjoying your day. Items like a car caddie grab handle can provide support and assistance when getting in and out of the car for those who can transfer themselves, or a car assist pack has everything you or your carer need to help transfer you in and out of the car with safety and ease. 

Making sure that you can pack everything you may need also helps make the most of your day. Many walkers and bags for wheelchairs make carrying things like medication, drinks and food easier. Having a bag that fits with your mobility aid makes it easier to manage your mobility and carry your essentials. Doing something as simple as adding a strap to your walking stick can also help you manage your items easier. 

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