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Vehicle accessories

This section includes assistive equipment that can be used  with a vehicle. They are suitable for adults, children or both.

Included are stickers, notices, and parking signs, Blue Badge holders, signs and call systems to summon assistance from vehicle, safety belt and harnesses, wheelchair, scooter and buggy seating securing systems, protective coverings for vehicles, boot openers, mirrors and lenses.

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Panoramic Car Mirror
Replacement rear view mirror for cars. Comprises: glare-resistant convex mirror; panoramic-style provides wider view; fixes over existing rear view mi...
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Blue Badge And Timer Wallet
Blue badge holder and timer wallet. Time can be adjusted without the need to remove time card from wallet. Comprises: leather; separate slots for blue...
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Wheelchair Anchoring Systems
Webbing straps for securing manual or powered wheelchairs in a vehicle. Comprises: two fixed length restraints for wrapping around the frame above th...
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Vehicle Harness Model 31
Children's harness. Comprises: front fastening; two vertical shoulder fixing straps; plastic slip-lock sides; PVC chest pad and two horizontal straps ...
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Vehicle Harness Model 22
Harness for children and adults for use in most types of vehicles. Comprises: chest pad; waist belt and padded shoulder straps. The harness is fitted ...
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Variety Of Disability Message Stickers
Disability message stickers. Comprises: range of disability stickers with a different message and picture.
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Trilift Mobility Scooter Car Transport Carrier
Mobility scooter car transport carrier. Comprises: uses an automatic bolted assembly, it doesn't require a platform or straps. Options: spring loaded...
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Single Seat Harness Model 27
Children's vehicle harness for single or two and three-place bench seat. Consists of shoulder straps, understrap and waist belt; all attached to a rea...
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Single Seat Harness Model 19
Seat harness for single, front vehicle seats, for use in conjunction with conventional car safety belts. Front buckled waist belt, surrounds occupant ...
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Single Blue Badge Protector
Steel frame into which the main part of a blue badge can be inserted and protected by 5mm of thick plastic. The device is then locked with a flexible ...
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Seat Belt Helper
Seat belt attachment designed to help make car seat belts easier to reach. Comprises: rubber material; can fit left or right hand seat belts.
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Saferider With Millennium Lock
Back rest for wheelchair users when transported in a vehicle. Comprises: designed to be used in conjunction with four point tie downs to secure the w...
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Saferider Harness
Back and headrest for wheelchair users when transported in a vehicle. Comprises: shoulder diagonal belt mount for use when there are no wall mounted ...
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Quattro Retractable plastic Wheelchair Securing Device
Devices for securing a wheelchair in a vehicle. Standard device comprises: an adjustable webbing retractor and left and right tensioning handle, avail...
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MyHailo Petrol Station Key Fob
Petrol station alert key fob. Comprises: remote key fob; pressing the button on the fob alerts staff at participating stations that you require help a...
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Model 28 Vehicle Harness
Children's vehicle harness for seat with gap between backrest and seat. Comprises: shoulder straps; understrap; waist belt; attached to a rear bib whi...
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Lockable Blue Badge Permit Cover
Lockable Blue Badge permit cover. Comprises: rigid protector sleeve; permit cover lock attaches to the vehicle's steering wheel; timer clock with plas...
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Leather Disabled Badge Wallet
Blue badge holder. Comprises: leather material; designed not to cover the hologram on the permit. Options: range of colours.
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Large Blue Badge Protector
Large blue badge protector. Comprises: steel based sleeve with clear Perspex slide cover and flat cable; can secure the Blue Badge and timer clock in ...
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Kwik Park Lens
Plastic lens that attaches by adhesive pad to the rear window of a car. Diverts driver's path of vision, through rear view mirror, downward to see pro...
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Ez Lock Tie Down System
Docking station for occupied wheelchair conveyance in motor vehicle. Steel, rectangular base lock with 'V' guide to locking levers and front stabilise...
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Easy Release Millennium Seat Legs And Fitting
Vehicle passenger securing system comprising: metal tracks; legs; powder coated finish; red handle safety lock; brackets and fittings.
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Easy Reach Safety Belt Puller
Plastic loops for attachment to car safety belts which reduce the distance required to reach and pull the seat belt forward to fasten. Choice of two c...
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Driver Safety Pod
Screen designed to protect driver from distraction while driving a vehicle. Comprises: can be fitted without tools; removable when not needed; can be ...
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Need More Help?

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