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This section includes light switches, sockets, lamps and accessories that assist with turning lighting on and off.

Light switches and sockets include large rocker switches, pull cords with enhanced grip, and accessories that may facilitate switch operation. 

Automatic lighting for use inside the home automatically turns a light on when movement is detected, a door is opened, at dusk or at pre-set times. 

Remote control dimmer switches includes lights which can be dimmed using a handheld control or other remote operation.

Remote control and wireless light switches enable you to add wall mounted switches or remote controls to your existing lighting with minimal or no rewiring required, so if at present you can only turn your stair light/s on from the top or bottom of the staircase then these kits should enable you to add a switch, or use a remote control, from the other end of your staircase.

3 Way Wireless Remote Control Bulb Holder With Dimmer Function
Remote control with three bulb holders that fit into existing light sockets. Comprises: bayonet lamp socket fitting; three stage dimming function; not...
Always Ready Night Light Torch
Night light. Comprises: mains powered plug-in device; five LED lights; can be used as a night light or torch; wireless dock charging; built-in motion ...
Automatic Night Lights
LED automatic night light. Comprises: automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn; plugs straight into a mains electric socket. Twin pack.
Battery Powered PIR Activated Light
Motion activated light. Comprises: battery powered; two lights each with four LEDs; light beams can be adjusted in direction; daylight sensor; manual ...
Bright LED Touch Sensitive Desk Lamp
Touch sensitive LED table lamp. Comprises: touch sensitive base with on/off and dimming; adjustable angle.
Colour Temperature Adjustable Led Light Bulb With Remote Control
Adjustable LED bulb with remote control. Comprises: nine watt bulb; adjustable brightness and temperature; night mode; requires no wiring to fit.
Get up in the night sensor light
Battery operated LED sensor light. Comprises: sensor switches light on when movement is detected in low light conditions; manual override on/off switc...
Coaster size mat that glows in the dark. Comprises: uses daylight to charge itself, emitting a soft glow in the dark; designed for placing objects on ...
Kristy Touch Lamp
Touch operated table lamp. Comprises: three lighting levels selected by touching the base; cylinder shaped shade.
Led Emergency Night Light
Night light. Comprises: designed to automatically light up when there is a power cut or motion is detected; always charged as it is intended to sit o...
Lightwave Hand Held Remote Control
Remote control for use with manufacturer's remote control sockets and light switches. Comprises: switches on/off or dims up/down; additional 'All Off'...
Lightwaverf 3-gang Dimmer Switch
Three gang one way 210w light switch dimmer. Comprises: synchronises upstairs and downstairs lighting; operates alongside any LightwaveRS dimmer switc...
Masterplug LED Night Light
Night lights. Comprises: teardrop shaped light; mains operated; LED bulbs; lights turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.
Mk 2-way Double Light Switch
Extra large double gang rocker switch for interior use. Comprises: two-gang; 10a.
Mk 2-way Single Light Switch
Extra large single rocker switch for interior use. Comprises one-gang, and 10a.
Mylife X10 Dda Adapter
Used to provide the Lifeline Connect with an X-10 output. This enables the Lifeline Connect to send X-10 signals to an X-10 Mains Controller when any...
Night Light Torch
Night light rechargeable torch. Comprises: movement night light; three LEDs; on and auto modes; mounted dock; torch mode.
Night Light With Motion Sensor
Battery operated movement sensing LED nightlight. Comprises: automatically turns on at night if movement is detected and off after one minute if no mo...
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