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This section includes reachers designed to assist with retrieving items from areas that may otherwise be inaccessible, such as the floor or high shelves.

Reachers with a pistol-style trigger are operated by pulling the trigger using one or two fingers. They are generally designed to be used with one hand.  

Reachers with a squeeze grip are operated by squeezing the trigger. They are used by placing all your fingers around the handle and trigger mechanism, then squeezing it inwards towards the handle and the palm of your hand. This style of handle may be easier to operate than a pistol style trigger if you have pain or stiffness in the joints of your hands and fingers, as it provides a larger grip size which can help to protect your joints.  

Reachers with cuff support have an extending cuff connected to the bottom of the grip handle. This helps provide added support and redistributes the load, which may relieve pressure on the wrist. This may help to protect the joints of your wrist and hand if you experience pain or stiffness.

Reachers with circular rubber tips are operated by either a pistol style trigger or squeeze grip but instead of gripping jaws, they have rubber suction pads which may help when gripping objects such as jars or bottles.  

Folding reachers can be folded or collapsed, to help make them more compact for storage and transportation.  

Reachers with assistive features may help with specific tasks around the house. They may assist with tasks such as dressing, changing light bulbs, or in the garden. 

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Combi-reacher Grabber Gripping Aid For Weak Grip
Combined reacher and shoehorn. Comprises: four-finger trigger; revolving head; rubber lined jaws; dirt trap; magnetic tip; shoehorn; metal shaft; two ...
Deluxe Handy Reacher
Reacher. Comprises: squeeze action; grip handle; rubber lined swivelling jaw; magnet; dressing hook. Three lengths available.
Easireach 2 Reachers
Reacher with trigger operated jaws. Comprises: aluminium with a cord running through the tube, which operates the jaw; magnet tip; hook for dressing; ...
Easy Reacher Featherweight
Long handled reacher. Comprises: squeeze action handle; hook and magnetic tip.
Easy Reacher Longreach
Long handled reacher. Comprises: pistol style trigger and magnetic tip.
Etac Aktiv Reacher With Power Grip And Hook
Aluminium reacher. Comprises: squeeze action grip mechanism; rubber lined rotating jaws; hooks fitted to jaw to facilitate dressing tasks; adjustable ...
Etac Aktiv Reachers
Range of pick up reachers. Comprises: angled handle and support for index finger; rubber lined jaw surface which rotates to two positions; magnet to p...
Folding Handy Reacher with Magnetic Tip
Reacher. Comprises: folding metal shaft; pistol-style operating mechanism; one movable jaw; magnetised tip. Options: choice of length.
Folding Handy Reaching Aid
Folding aluminium reacher with a trigger grip. Comprises: magnetic tip to pick up small metal objects; cord operated.
Grabber-Reacher Stick
Grabber-reacher stick. Comprises: extended length designed to help users reach for objects without added strain to the back; pull handle; rubber lined...
Handi-reacher Grabbers
Long handled reacher operated by squeeze trigger mechanism. Comprises: rubber lined rotating jaw; dressing hook; magnet.
Helping Hand Arthri-Grip Pro Reacher Grabber
Reacher with squeeze grip. Comprises: metal shaft; soft flexible jaws with slip-resistant grip; wide opening jaws; operated via ergonomic squeeze grip...
Helping Hand Classic Max Reacher Grabber
Reacher with locking jaw, available in two different lengths. Comprises: gel handle; lockable jaw; magnet at the tip of the end to help picking up met...
Helping Hand Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Long handled reaching equipment. Comprises: pistol style trigger mechanism; claw head and small magnet attached to retrieve light metallic items; clip...
Helping Hand Classic Reacher Grabber Stick Clips
Clips designed to attach reacher to mobility aids and other equipment. Comprises: plastic construction; one end pushes on to reacher, the other end ca...
Helping Hand Classic Reachers
Long handled reaching equipment. Comprises: pistol style trigger mechanism; magnet at front. Options: range of lengths.
Helping Hand Folding Classic Pro Reacher Grabber
Folding long handled reacher. Comprises: trigger mechanism with pincer head; paper puller; small magnet. Trigger forms a hook for hanging reacher from...
Helping Hand Handi-Grip Max Reacher Grabber
A long-handled device, which is designed to assist with picking up and reaching objects when people's movement is restricted. Comprises: jaw can rot...
Helping Hand Handi-Grip Pro Reacher Grabber
Long handled reacher with pistol style trigger. Comprises: ergonomically designed handle and trigger; two opening jaws; slip-resistant material on bot...
Helping Hand StreetMaster Pro Litter Picker Grabber
Long handled litter picker. Comprises: fixed length metal shaft; pistol style trigger; dual moving jaw; head can rotate up to 90 degrees; reflectors. ...
Lightweight Reacher Grabber
Reachers. Comprises: aluminium shaft; colour contrasted serrated jaw; flexible foam rubber jaw tip; ergonomic handgrip; trigger-style jaw operation; m...
Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Device to enable small metal objects to be picked up. Comprises: extendable metal shaft; built-in LED light; magnetic tip; soft grip handle with finge...
Nifty Nabber Trigger Grip Litter Picker
Pick up reaching aid with squeeze trigger and claw grip. Comprises: aluminium shaft, glass reinforced plastic; 360 degree rotating head with claw grip...
Non Folding Handy Reacher
Long handled reacher. Comprises: aluminium shaft; trigger style mechanism; rubber jaws; soft tip for delicate items; magnetic tip.


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