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Joint protectors and warmers

This section includes protectors and warmers designed to be used on specific parts of the body. They may be made of fleece, polyester fibre, foam or are air-filled, and are generally used to cover heels, elbows and feet/ankles. Also included are pads designed to be used with walking equipment and prostheses. 

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Heel Protectors
Seamless heel pads with natural sheepskin lining and hook and loop fastenings. Supplied in pairs. One size only.
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Toe Cozy
Fleece cover designed to protect and warm toes left exposed by leg plaster cast. Choice of colour available.
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Short Slipper Boots
Short slipper boot in sheepskin for indoor and bed wear. Comprises: extra depth; front opening to toe; Velcro strap fastening; artificial sheepskin pa...
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Wool Fleece Bootees
Wool pile fleece ankle bootees with Velcro fastening.
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Weak Skin Protection Leg Sleeves
Weak skin protection leg sleeves. Comprises: unisex; sold as single sleeve; can be machine washed and tumble dried.
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Treat Eezi Heel Pad
Heel pad designed to prevent pressure building under and around the heel area whilst wearer is in bed. Comprises: stitch free interior; secured by st...
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Softform Heelpad
Plastic heel pad with two gel sacs and slip-resistant base. Options: single gel sac.
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Soft Surface Pads
Self-adhesive, natural sheepskin pads. Can be applied to any surface which may cause pressure and discomfort. Supplied in packs of six.
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Soft Fibre Foot Supports
Foot supports. Designed to hold the feet in a neutral position for an extended period of time. Can relieve pressure of the base of the heel and protec...
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Slippy Heel Protector
Pair of heel protectors. Comprises: lambs wool fleece; Velcro fastening.
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Sheepskin Heel Protectors
Heel protectors. Comprises: deep pile wool fleece material; adjustable foam Velcro strap fastening around the ankle; can be used in bed or when sittin...
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Shear Comfort Tall Boots
Tall open toed boots with fleece lining and Velcro fastenings.
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Shear Comfort Palm Protector
Palm protector. Comprises: provides cushioning and prevents fingers from digging into the palm of the hand; thumb strap; Velcro wrist closure; one siz...
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Rolyan Elbow-heel Protectors
Foam heel and elbow protectors. Comprises: knitted stretch material with foam pad insert. Machine washable.
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Roho Heal Pads
Pressure relief heel or elbow pads. Comprises: securing straps; neoprene, flexible air cells with adjustable pressure and flexible base. Hire service ...
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Sole Protector
Inflatable heel protectors designed for use in bed. Comprises: vapour permeable transparent material; pump. Supplied in pairs.
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Quilted Heel Protectors
Quilted heel protectors. Comprises: high sided bootee; retardant outer material; foam covered strapping; hollow fibre inner. Options: cotton or wipe...
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Prosthetic Rim Pad
Self-adhesive, natural sheepskin fleece pads. For use around the rim of above-knee prostheses with suction attachment or non-suction belt support limb...
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Prosthetic Pressure Pads
Self-adhesive, natural sheepskin fleece pads. For use in the socket of below or above knee prosthesis.
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Prosthetic Delta Pad
Triangular-shaped sheepskin pad designed to provide comfort when using prosthetics.
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Polyester Heel Protectors
Fibre-filled heel pads with Velcro straps.
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Polyester Fleece Heel Protectors
Heel protector with Velcro fastening. Choice of wool, polyester or fibre-filled material available.
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Polyester Elbow Protectors
Elbow pads made of silicone coated polyester fibre in a fabric cover. Fastens via one Velcro strap.
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Permaflow Foot Pad
Foot or heel pad comprising silicone coated polyester fibre enclosed in cotton and polyester fabric. Available in one size fastened via Velcro strap. ...
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Need More Help?

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