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TFH Special Needs Toys

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Aroma Fan And Light Reward
Device for olfactory stimulation. Comprises a box with four switch operated fan driven diffusers. Can be wall-mounted.
Ballyhoo Ball
Tactile ball. Comprises: ball with round slots; five smaller textured balls; smaller balls can be popped in and out of slots of larger ball.
Bell House
Musical toy. Comprises: eight coloured bells; painted cutouts; village design; green base; two batons.
BiIGmack Communication Aid
Battery operated communication tool. Records single messages two minutes long, using digital speech. One activation plays entire message. Comprises: A...
Body Rocker
Body rocker. Comprises: foam filling; vinyl cover; 'U' shaped; rocking movement.
Boing Ball
Ball with textured ribbed surface which changes colour when squeezed and when squeezed again will progress through a sequence of seven different colou...
Boomerang Skittles
Set of nine small wooden skittles, metal ball, metal base and upright metal tower to assist in aiming the ball. Suitable for seated users. Players pla...
Bright Starts Lights Lights Baby Press And Glow Spinner Toy
Press and glow spinner. Comprises: spinner is activated by pressing down on the top of the spinner; melodies play and lights spin around; designed to ...
Child Full Support Swing Seat
Swing seat for children. Comprises: moulded fibreglass seat; pommel; safety harness with horizontal lap strap, horizontal chest strap, and two paralle...
Clear Jingle Ball With Balls
Clear plastic ball with four bells inside that clatter when ball is thrown. Options: available with balls inside instead of the bells to make a deeper...
Dementia Resource Back Pack
Pack designed to provide stimulation for people with memory loss. Pack includes empathy doll, reminiscence books, quiz, card games, chunky piece jigsa...
Dementia Resource Kit
Kit designed to provide stimulation to people with memory loss. Kit includes games, quizzes, jigsaws and reminiscence pictures which aim to improve de...
Diffraction Drums
Diffraction roly poly drum. Comprises: cylinder mounted vertically or horizontally; base; six sides of metallic or coloured sheets; balls; marbles. Av...
Diffraction Mirror Paddles
Rotating paddles for visual stimulation. Comprises: wooden circular base; spinning coloured acrylic paddles; diffraction mirrors.
Dome And Disc Switches
Dome-shaped tactile and auditory switches which attach to wheelchair by Velcro fastening and Mobilia System. Range of colours available.
Double Swung
Outdoor swing. Comprises: swing frame with two swings suspended; the swings are dual operated so that only one of the pair needs to be swung to swing ...
Fan And Lights Reward
Reward toy. Comprises: wooden box; four coloured lights; fan; switch operated. Switch not supplied.
Floor And Wall Padding
Modular soft play environment. Comprises: multicoloured foam shapes; fire retardant waterproof cover; wall and floor padding; play mats; cylinders; cu...
Floor Surfer Mobility Board
Floor surfer mobility board. Comprises: mobility board with four rollers fitted to the base; developed in partnership with children's physiotherapists...
Fluorescent Mirror Chimeabout
Toy for audiovisual stimulation. Comprises: circular wooden base; rotating upright post; six extending arms each holding two fluorescent strips and ch...
Folding Activity Arch Easel
Folding activity arch. Comprises: triangular steel frame; four Velcro straps; suspended toys. Folds for storage.
Folding Relaxer
Folding relaxer chair.
Toy key set. Comprises: three keys; makes four sounds if buttons are pressed; safe to chew.
Gem Sphere Reward
Reward toy. Comprises: globe; rotating multicoloured lights; switch controlled; mains powered.

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