Fancy a Cuppa?

Help with making a cup of tea

A good cup of tea can make all the difference to your mood, but what if making and drinking that cup of tea is not as easy as it used to be?  

Is the kettle too heavy to lift comfortably?  

Is it hard work standing in the kitchen for too long?  

Does the shape of the cup or handle make it difficult?  

Do you have a problem taking your cuppa back to a comfortable seat in another room?

Enjoy a Living Made Easy Cuppa

Simple Daily Living Aids

There are many simple products that can make daily tasks, such as making a cup of tea, so much easier. But where to start? In this article we have highlighted a few great products to illustrate how little changes can make a big difference and help you to continue to enjoy independent living. 

You can also watch some of these great products demonstrated by Clare and Geoff in our Making a Cup of Tea video.

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Thanks to Clare Barber (DLF) and our guest Geoff Adam-Spink for this video

Little Changes for Living Made Easy – The Cuppa! 

The regular daily task of making a cup of tea highlights many different areas where helpful gadgets and adaptive tools are available.

Kitchen Perching Stool
Light Weight Measuring Jug
Table Top Hot Water Dispenser
Kettle Tipper

Small Change, Big Result

If standing in the kitchen is difficult or tiring, a simple perching stool can make all sorts of kitchen tasks a little bit easier. Allowing you to work in the kitchen at a perched position, allowing you to get up close to the work surfaces, conserving energy for the task in hand. 

Having easy access to all the things you need to make a drink closer together makes a more efficient “tea triangle” – water, kettle, milk, as well as the tea. If your kettle can be close to the sink and the fridge is also close by that is fantastic, but not always possible. 

Filling the kettle can sometimes be difficult if you have a heavy kettle or a distance to carry it. Light weight measuring jugs can help with this job if necessary.

There are also table-top hot water dispensers as an alternative to a kettle. These can be filled at the start of the day with a jug and then used to boil one cup at a time as needed.

If you already have a good kettle, but find that it is difficult to lift and pour safely, then you might want to consider a kettle tipper as a useful addition to your kitchen.


Small Kettles, Lightweight Kettles and Two Handled Teapots

Lightweight Kettle
Mini Kettle
Two-Handled Teapot
Two Handled Teapot


If you do want to consider replacing your kettle, other alternatives can include lightweight kettles and mini kettles or travel kettles that are easier to manage.

If you like to make a pot of tea rather than a mug or a cup then there are two-handled teapots that can make lifting and pouring easier and safer as well.

Helpful Gadgets 

Liquid Level Indicators
Teatool Tea Bag Squeezer
Arthritis Friendly Cutlery
Typhoon Mug

When it comes to pouring tea or water into a cup, if you struggle with vision, then you might find a liquid level indicator useful if it is difficult to see when you have reached the top of the cup or mug. These useful little gadgets emit a sound to tell you when you have reached the top.

To get the best out of a teabag, especially in a cup or mug, you might find this teatool tea bag squeezer really helpful.

When it comes to milk and sugar, adapted cutlery might also be useful if you have a weakened grip or reduced finger movement, such as arthritis friendly cutlery.

If stirring is a problem, then the Typhoon Mug can stir itself at the touch of a button! 

Adapted Cups, Assistive Mugs & Insulated Mugs

Insulated Mug
Lid With Spout
Dignity Two Handled Mug

There are many different types of cups and mugs that can help with drinking. The problem of keeping a cup of tea warm for long enough if you drink it slowly or want to wait, can be helped with an insulated cup.

Some insulted cups have plastic spouted lids to make drinking much easier and can also reduce spills.

If spilling when drinking is a problem, then there are some great options that we can suggest. Cups with two handles or this great Steady-Mug that uses gravity to keep the cup upright can reduce accidentals spills. 

A Few More Aids To Daily Living…

Ornamin Mug
Kitchen Trolley
Anti-Spill Mug
Spillnot Cup Holder

If tilting your head back to drink is difficult, then a mug with a cone shaped interior can be much easier to use. This design has the option of one or two handles and a wide base for extra stability. 

If you want to take your cuppa to a more comfortable place to enjoy it, then there are a few other options that can make this easier too. A kitchen trolley can help if you have other items to take through as well, such as sandwiches or biscuits. 

You might find that an anti-spill mug sits well on a kitchen trolley if you don’t want a traditional china cup and saucer.

If it is just your cup that you want to carry the Spillnot cup holder looks like a magic trick, but it works very well.

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