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Standing frames

This section includes equipment to assist with standing up, and/or support a person while  they are standing. Some are designed to accommodate the size and weight of a heavier user. They are suitable for adults, children or both.

Vertical standing frames support the user in an upright position. Some frames have manual or powered mechanisms that also assist user into a standing position. Frames may have integral trays to enable users to carry out activities whilst in the upright position. Assessment by a therapist is advised when considering this equipment.

Children's standing frames are designed to encourage a child to take some weight through their legs (weight bear) and to stand upright. Most are comprised of two vertical poles with a support system between. The child will be supported at their feet, knees, hips and trunk using pads and straps. Standing frames may be static or have small castors to enable easier transport from room to room although many are not designed to be moved while the child is standing in them. Some frames have an integral lifting device that brings a child from a sitting to a standing position within the frame. The majority of these are powered.

Children's user propelled standing frames are upright and prone standers that a child can propel themselves around in whilst in a standing position. This is usually achieved via large user-propelled wheels, however some frames, known as swivel walkers, are propelled using upper body movements.

Prone standers provide support for the upper body in a forward leaning position with legs resting against a padded board. The angle of most of these boards can be adjusted to one degree or another. Prone standers for children provide a functional position for play and arm/hand activity so most of these frames include an activity tray at arm level.

Children's tilt tables and/or frames are mainly used for therapy for example, they may be used to help children who have been lying in bed for some time get used to being in an upright position again. They provide a wide range of angles from horizontal through to vertical with either manual or powered tilt adjustment.

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Baffin Automatic Standing Frame
Automatic standing frame. Designed to set user in multiple sitting or standing positions. Comprises: multi-positioning; built-in spine, side supports ...
Baffin Trio Standing Frame
Standing frame. Designed to keep body stabilised while moving between lying and standing positions. Comprises: multi-functional; height adjustable; fo...
Bariatric Tilt Table
Heavy duty tilt table. Comprises: lowers to wheelchair height; electric height and tilt adjustment; four braked castors; adjustable heavy duty harness...
Bariatric Tilt Table
Bariatric tilt table. Comprises: lowers to wheelchair height and has electric height and tilt; braked castors; adjustable harness and crutch handles; ...
Buddy Vertical Stander
Vertical stander. Designed for very young children. Comprises: teddy bear design; adjustable height, width and angle; thoracic, pelvic and knee suppor...
Bure Double Standtall Walker
Standing frame with powered stand assist. Comprises: hand control; height adjustable; handbrakes; adjustable handles; cushioned arm rests; four braked...
Bure S Standtall Walkers
Walking frame available in different models. Comprises: height adjustable frame; arm rests; adjustable grab handles; hand controls; one or two handed ...
Bure Standtall Walker
Standing frame designed to support the weight of the user when gait training. Comprises: height adjustable; rear braked wheels; width adjustable arm ...
Bure Xl Standtall Walker
Standing frame designed to support the weight of a bariatric user when gait training. Comprises: height adjustable via hand control, additional stabil...
Cat 1 Standing Frame
Standing frame. Designed to help children adopt the correct upright position. Comprises: adjustable tilt angle; belts and supports; breathable spacer ...
Cat 2 Invento Standing Frame
Upright standing frame. Comprises: frame with castors and brakes; four bar linkage; adjustable footrests with 3D foot buckles; knee supports; pelvic b...
Chi-chi Standing Frame For Children
Standing frame for children. Designed for very young children who require low to moderate levels of support whilst weight bearing. Designed to be suit...
Classic Standing Frame
Standing frame available with powered or manual mechanism to assist user to standing position via pelvic belt. Comprises: braked castors; tubular stee...
Customized Equipment
Company manufactures made-to-measure walking. standing and positioning equipment.
Dalmatian Stander Chair
Stander chair. Designed to enable user to adopt the correct sitting and standing position. Comprises: chair is designed to allow child to be placed in...
Delta Advance Standing Frame
Compact standing frame with powered lifting mechanism. Can be mains powered or battery operated. Basic unit comprises: braked castors; wooden foot pla...
Delta Standing Frame
Compact standing frame with powered lifting mechanism. Can be mains powered or battery operated. Basic unit comprises: castors; frame; hip bars and pa...
Easystand Bantam Standing Frame
Standing frame designed to support children in getting from a sitting to a standing position. Designed for children who are able to transfer independe...


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